Safe Driving Tips In Florida

If you are unfamiliar with driving in Florida, or if you would just like to take a look at some tips that you may have forgotten (or wish other people would learn), then take a look at the list that we have provided below. Driving in Florida can be an intimidating experience even for the most seasoned of travelers, which may contribute to the fact that Florida is one of the most dangerous states in the country to drive in, according to the AHAS 2019 Roadmap Report.

Safe Driving Tips In Florida

Whether or not you follow every safe driving tip or not, there will always be the risk of an accident because of other drivers’ actions, meaning that it is equally important that you know how to fight for your rights AFTER an accident. Luckily there are lawyers who have lots of experience covering accidents in Miami who will be excellent allies for your case moving forward.

Obey Speed Limits

Although people often look at a speed limit sign as a suggestion, the reality is that these limits have been imposed based on a variety of factors that help city and state roadway planners determine the speed where all drivers will be able to maintain control of their vehicle. When you ignore these limits, you are increasing the risk of losing control of your vehicle, encountering blind hazards, and other scenarios that put you and those around you at a greater risk of crashing.

Don’t Tailgate

Even while you are driving the speed limit, tailgating a car in front of you is a dangerous decision. If, for any reason, the lead vehicle needs to brake–such as a child chasing a ball into the road, a vehicle merging unexpectedly, or any other reason for them to hit their brakes–it is going to be difficult for you to avoid rear-ending them and being responsible for the accident.

Never Drive Drunk

There is never a good time to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming any mind-altering substances, including alcohol. When someone makes the dangerous and reckless decision to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, they put themselves and everyone else at risk due to their impairment. Remember: you can’t get a DUI if you don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs!

Share the Road

Florida is known for many things, but cyclist safety is not one of them. Many cities across the country (Florida cities included) are taking part in an initiative known as Vision Zero that has the goal of eliminating pedestrian and cyclist deaths, but due to many design decisions in Florida cities there is little safety for those who are not in cars. Remember that people who are not driving also have a right to public roadways, and give them the space they need to remain safe.

Eyes On the Road

We all walk around every day with a distraction factory in our pockets, complete with ringers, buzzers, push notifications, and the constant pull of social media and texting. It is up to each driver individually to combat these distractions while driving in order to them themselves, their passengers, and most importantly all of the other drivers who they share the road with safe from harm. Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents in the US, and it’s no surprise why.

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