Safety Tips For Using A Halogen Oven

Safety Tips For Using A Halogen Oven

With the ever advancing technology in the world today, there’s always something new and brilliant to appreciate every day. When it comes to cooking, the halogen oven is the trend, and many people have bought the oven to improve their cooking. Halogen ovens are a fantastic alternative to conventional ovens, especially due to their energy efficiency, ease of use, and ability to cook a healthier meal. Since the halogen ovens use a new technology that most people are still not familiar with, it’s vital to understand the dos and don’ts when it comes to these ovens. This will help you avoid accidents and get the most out of this new technology.

If you just bought a halogen oven, below are the safety tips for using the unit.

Positioning the Oven

When cooking, it’s important to ensure that your halogen oven is not making contact with the wall, cupboard, or any other appliances. This is because the bowl of a halogen oven usually becomes very hot, and therefore, the heat can affect anything that is in contact with the oven. Therefore, place it in plenty of space on the kitchen worktop surface.

Handle the Oven Lid Carefully

The tricky part about halogen ovens is that the electrical components that produce the cooking heat are attached to the lid. Therefore, you must be very cautious when handling the lid. When cleaning the lid, you must ensure that water does not get into the electrical elements. You must also be careful when placing it on the worktop surface. Some halogen ovens come with detachable electrical components, so it’s advisable to disconnect when cleaning the lid.

Wear Oven Gloves when Removing the Lid

The oven lid will be very hot when removing it, and therefore, you should always wear oven gloves to avoid burning your hands. And when you remove it, place it on the stand that comes with the oven. Some halogen oven models don’t come with a stand, so ensure you choose one that has a stand.

Handle the Glass Bowl with Care

Halogen ovens come with a glass bowl to cook food. This bowl usually sits on a rack inside the oven and can accidentally break if not handled carefully when taking food in and out of the oven. Unfortunately, you cannot replace the halogen bowl with any glass bowl because halogen ovens use specific types of bowls. Therefore, in case yours breaks, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer to get a replacement. Also, never touch the hot glass bowl when cooking, and always give it time to cool before washing it.

Always Use the Rack

You must use the rack at all times to allow the air to circulate properly around the food. Never place food directly into the glass bowl. The high rack is mainly used for frying, roasting, and grilling while the low rack is great for baking, steaming, defrosting, and slow cooking.

A halogen oven is very simple to use and is ideal for people in all walks of life. If you follow the above safety precautions, you should have no problem handling your unit.

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