Saltwater Or Freshwater Aquarium – Which One Should You Choose?

Saltwater Or Freshwater Aquarium – Which One Should You Choose

So, you’ve decided on installing an aquarium at home. But, when you look at the beautiful fish in the pet store, it is easy to get distracted about which type of aquarium may be the best fit for you. There are a few differences between a saltwater or freshwater aquarium, and we’ll be sharing some useful information about this below.

Saltwater Or Freshwater?

In the various bodies of water found on about seventy-five percent of the earth, lifeforms have progressed to survive in the different areas. They’ve learned to adapt to varying temperatures, depths, oxygen levels, and areas with dissolved salt and minerals. Once you’ve decided on building an aquarium in your home, the goal is to recreate the conditions of these habitats from where the fish have originated, whether tropical (freshwater) or marine (saltwater).

The Fish

There are different creatures to found in both a saltwater or freshwater aquarium in addition to fish, like crabs and snails. You can buy plants to beautify your freshwater tank and anemones and corals for a saltwater tank.


Popular fish species found in a freshwater tank are mollies, tetras, and guppies as well as scavengers like cory cats and snails that help with managing the accumulation of algae. Some people stick to one type of fish, for instance, angelfish, discus, or fancy goldfish. Check out for all your aquarium and accessory needs. Aqua scaping that involves live freshwater plants can provide an additional food source and hiding place for the fish.


One of the most prominent features of saltwater fish is their bright colors. They also have captivating habits. Clownfish, for instance, have interdependent relationships with specific species of anemones. Pufferfish are considered owner-friendly and will often swim in front of the tank, prayerful for attention. When you choose fish for a saltwater tank, you must study compatibility charts since some of the fish derive from different seas and are not always compatible with each other. When you’re creating your marine aquarium, you must decide whether you’ll be building a tank with fish-only or creating a reef system. Corals add a whole new level to an aquarium. A reef aquarium will control the choice of lighting necessitated and will require extra maintenance with regards to water quality. Always do your homework first because not all fish species are compatible with corals.

The Water


Freshwater fish originates from ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams, and the water in such habitats is usually dechlorinated. For you to maintain the same water quality, you can add a dechlorinating agent to the tap water. Water must have movement to boost the oxygen levels. You can add movement by installing an air pump. Make sure you research the fish you are buying to see if they require any additional needs for the water. Some fish like Koi prefer to swim in colder water.


You can purchase salt that is mixed with tap water to obtain the ratio which compares with seawater. Hydrometers measure the gravity of water and specify how salty it is. Some anemones and corals need additives like iodine and calcium.

For both a saltwater or freshwater aquarium, occasional tests are necessitated to check the temperature, PH levels, and ammonia levels in the water.

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