Sanitizing Playground Amidst Coronavirus 5 DIY

Sanitizing Playground Amidst Coronavirus 5 DIY

During unprecedented and fearful times, it is still important, especially for mental health and wellbeing to still look at the fun side of things. During this time of unpredictability with the Coronavirus, it is absolutely essential to the health, wellbeing, and safety of yourself, your loved one, your children and the greater community that we all do our part to not spread illness. At home, playgrounds are a great way to encourage family entertainment while boosting mood and wellbeing during times when we must stay at home more often than we are used to. In saying that, it is still vital to reducing the spread of COVID-19 and maintaining everyone’s health and safety that we regularly and thoroughly disinfect and sanitize our playgrounds. Although our playsets and home playgrounds may be the last thing we think to disinfect, amidst COVID-19 we must remain vigilant.

This article delves deeper into the ways in which you can confidently sanitize either your personal playground and ensure your loved ones and the greater community stays safe and healthy. Here are 5 DIY Ways You Can Sanitize Playgrounds Amidst The Coronavirus pandemic:


1. Wipe Down All Surfaces Regularly

Being hypervigilant when it comes to wiping down, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection of your home playgrounds and playsets are essential to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 germs. We often overlook or dismiss just how much bacteria remains on playgrounds after hours and hours of play and being exposed to the outdoor elements. Germs can also live on surfaces for hours if not days and are so easily transmitted to our small children and loved ones unless we focus on upholding sanitation.

 2. Wash Your Hands


By now, we have been told over and over again the importance of washing our hands during the Coronavirus pandemic. This is even more crucial when it comes to our children and touching surfaces. If you are on top of your children washing their hands multiple times per day for at least 20 seconds especially after using play equipment. Even if you are not sick and your surfaces are sanitized regularly, by washing your hands you will do your part in reducing the spread of this virus to your children, the rest of your household as well as the greater community.


3. Eliminate Pests

Pests and rodents carry an array of dangerous diseases and bacteria. They will find a way to hide in the nooks and crannies of your at-home outdoor playground and equipment. Although proper and regular maintenance, sanitization and disinfection of your playground will keep pests and the germs left behind at bay if you find your home experiencing a pest invasion you may need to seek the assistance of expert Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne.


4. Use Disinfectant

Through unforeseen, uncertain times such as Coronavirus or COVID-19, it is essential to step up and practice more extreme cleaning methods and procedures. Wiping or spraying down surfaces and playgrounds with water will just not cut it in these circumstances. Before and after playground use, disinfect the playset and equipment thoroughly before ensuring your children and you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.


5. Keep Play Equipment and Snacks Separate

Aside from disinfecting and sanitizing your playground equipment, it is also important to keep play equipment and food separate. It may be tempting and seemingly minor to provide your child with snacks while they play. However, as COVID-19 is transmitted through hand to mouth and bacteria and germs entering the airways, it is vital to avoid this entirely. Once your child has ceased playing, sanitize and disinfect their hands before offering them any type of meal.

Providing your child with entertainment and fun is essential to their physical and mental development and health. However, during times of an unforeseen and unprecedented pandemic and serious illness, we need to be hypervigilant when it comes to safety and health. Due to the impact caused by Coronavirus, we must sanitize and disinfect all surfaces we come in contact with as well as ourselves, and our at-home playgrounds are no exception. Due to the fact that germs and bacteria of COVID-19 last on surfaces for many hours, it is vitally important to continue to uphold significant cleanliness on a regular basis.


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