Say Goodbye To Bedbug Problems

Spreading rapidly, bedbugs are becoming a major pest problem across the world. While they do not transmit any diseases, bedbug infestation in the home does stress out the members of the family. Apart from the yuck factor, bedbug bites can be itchy and painful. It could also lead to skin allergies in some people. Bedbugs reproduce at a rapid pace and a few bedbugs could soon become a full-blown infestation. Faced with such a situation, you would want to get rid of them as fast as possible. However, that is easier said than done.

Eradicating bedbugs requires multiple methods and time. What makes matters worse are the so-called pest control companies who offer fast and effective treatment at low cost and all completed in a day or two. The only thing this results in is another round of infestation and wasted money.

So how can you get rid of bedbugs from your premises? There are a few tried and tested steps that if followed will help you in your fight against these critters. The following pointers should help you in understanding how to get rid of bed bugs efficiently and completely from your home.  The first step is not to panic. Sure, it is not a pleasant situation; but an action taken in haste will only result in disappointment.

How did the Infestation Start?

It is very important that you are aware of how the bedbugs got into your home. Understanding the root cause for the infestation will help ensure that such a situation does not occur again. Bedbugs are great travelers, and they can hitch-hike a ride in your luggage. Did you travel recently? If yes, that could be the source. Is there a bedbug problem in your neighborhood? Bedbugs can travel through sewage and electrical conduits, as well as under the plaster on the walls. Unfortunately, there are numerous ways in which these critters can enter your home.

Getting rid of the bed does not Help

While you may have been bitten by bedbugs while asleep on your bed, getting rid of the bed and mattress will not make any difference in eradicating them. Bedbugs hide and can be found in many more places in the house, for example, the floor panels and door frames, cracks in the wall, curtains, and other furniture. Moving the bed or mattress will make the situation worse as it would help spread the bedbugs to the new location. Similarly, discarding the bed or mattress will only help the bedbugs locate to a new place. You need to eradicate the pests completely.

DIY Sprays and Methods do not Work

Eradicating bedbugs is no simple matter. If it were, there would be no bedbugs today. After all, they have been around since before the dinosaurs. Eradicating bedbugs requires a multi-pronged strategy and methods, which cannot be done without proper equipment. It is not just a question of getting rid of the bugs alone, you need to wipe out the eggs and nymphs too. You also need to ensure that the residue from the treatment does not harm other family members or pets. While it might be tempting to try and save money by doing the job yourself, it will be cheaper in the long run to hire a pest control professional to do a thorough job of eradicating the pest.

Call in the Professionals

Experience makes all the difference. Hiring a reputable pest control expert in Harrisburg, PA is the best way to get rid of bedbugs from your place. However, before you finalize the services of the professional, make sure that they are competent to do the job. Quick-fix solutions are not the answer to this problem. A competent professional will survey the premises before coming up with a strategy. As mentioned earlier, eradicating bedbugs may require one or more methods – from chemical sprays to heat treatment. Remember, the need is to get rid of the eggs, nymphs, and bugs, and each one of them requires a different method. Successful eradication can only happen if all of them are killed; any survivors will soon re-infest the place, bringing you back to where you started. While it may be tempting to think that your lace is free of bedbugs post the treatment, it would be wiser to ensure follow up checks and subsequent treatments across the next two months.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Ask the professional for tips on diligent housekeeping to ensure that bedbugs do not manage to re-infest your place. Keep your house clutter-free and vacuum the premises at least weekly. Wash and dry clothes, especially bed linen at high temperatures. Hire a professional to check your home at least once a year for any signs of these pests.

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