School Bus Safety 101: Life-Saving Rules to Keep Children Safe

If you have a kid that rides a school bus, you know how important it is for them to be safe on the bus. You also know how challenging it is. When you put 60 kids in a bus, you know there’s going to be a lot of conversation, joking, and moving around.

Whether your kid is riding a bus to a one-time event or camp, or they ride every day to school, there are some safety rules they should be sure to follow. It could end up being life-saving!

Getting On the Bus

Do your children know how to wait for the bus and board safely? Be sure they arrive at the stop at least five minutes before the bus arrives. If a kid has a to run to catch the bus, they can be injured and they might not be careful on the stairs and getting to their seat.

Kids should be sure to stand a safe distance away from the street while waiting for the bus. Not only are cars zooming by on the street, but when the bus comes it’s easy for someone to get clipped. As your child gets ready to board the bus, be sure they wait until the bus comes to a complete stop.

Sometimes a child has to cross the street when they get on the bus. They should always carefully look both ways – unfortunately, a lot of times drivers are not looking for students and there can be a very tragic accident.

Whether your child is riding a school bus rental from Mississauga or a district-owned vehicle, being safe is essential.

Safety On the Bus

It can be very difficult for kids to behave on the bus, especially if others are being loud or wild. However, you can encourage your child to set a good example and be a leader for those who want to help the bus driver do a good job.

The importance of sitting still and being relatively quiet cannot be overemphasized. If there should be an accident, if your child is looking backward or standing in their seat, they can be severely injured. Remind your kid that the bus driver needs to be able to concentrate to drive safely.

Of course, your child shouldn’t participate in any teasing or bullying. Being cruel to other riders is not just wrong, it can cause significant problems both on and off the bus. A driver cannot stop every instance of bullying, but your student can help discourage it and prevent it.

Finally, be sure your child knows to never participate in any throwing of objects on the bus, and they should always keep their heads and arms inside the vehicle. They should also follow all proper rules and directions from the driver.

Getting Off the Bus

While your child might be excited to get home and wants to get off the bus quickly, they should always wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before standing up to get off the vehicle. When getting off the bus, don’t rush or push.

If your child has to cross the street to get home, they should always carefully look for cars. If they cross too close to the front of the bus, they may get hurt, so be sure they’re at least three meters away. If they drop something in the middle of the street, they should never run back to get it! Have them tell an adult who can get it for them safely.

Being safe is vital, and these tips and tricks will help keep your children safe every time they ride a bus!

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