Security Central – 3 Home Security Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

Home Security Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

With the world in its current state, it’s understandable that you want to take extra measures to keep your family safe. We live in uncertain times and although some crime rates are falling, others are growing at a terrifying rate. These unsettling facts reduce public and personal safety and can leave us feeling rather uncomfortable walking after dark or being home alone. While nothing can ever offer a complete guarantee of security and protection, here are three home security tips for protecting your house, and more importantly, your family, from unwanted visitors:

Intelligent locking solutions

Traditional keys get lost or stolen far more easily than anyone would really like to think. Not only does this cause stress from the actual loss, but it brings with it the need to change all your locks and hope that nothing goes missing, such as outsiders getting into your house using simple items, and no one getting hurt in the meantime. Smart door locks can remove this risk as they often don’t require a physical key. Most smart systems use codes or Bluetooth to function which means all you need to get inside is your memory and/or a paired smart device.

Since you’re far less likely to lose your phone, this risk immediately drops, and, unlike traditional locking mechanisms, in the worst-case scenario, you remove the authorization on the missing device or change the code rather than replacing every lock in your house. Companies like Securco can help you get the security lock system that suits your specific needs.

Upgrade your perimeter

Improving your fencing and automating your gate can also do wonders for keeping undesirables off your land and away from your family. Although you will need to coordinate with your neighbors for part of this one, most should be fairly agreeable since it improves their security and raises their property value as well. As a side note, installing a standard gate will still help secure your home. Your family and vehicles are at higher risk while opening or closing it. So it is advised to select one with motorized or autonomous abilities.

If you’re not fully committed to a complete external update, plant some hedges or rose bushes. Hedges provide a nice privacy screen and roses as good deterrents. When someone arrives at your property they’ll be put off by the thorns unless they have permission to enter.

Sensor lights

Being able to see what’s going on across your property provides not only enhanced security. It’s also convenient for those who are actually welcome on the premises. Flood and sensor lights may seem a little outdated. There are plenty of variants that can serve as both statement decor and security features. Consider lining your driveway and paths with mini sensors. And have some fancy ones near the front and back doors. It makes it easier to put the code into your new locks and see who’s visiting.

Family is the most important thing in many people’s lives so it makes sense that you would want to protect yours. While we don’t all have the desire, or the funds, to turn our homes into Fort Knox, these are some simple steps you can take that won’t break the bank. The best part is, all these tips are triple threats since they’ll make your home more livable while you’re in it, protect it when you’re not and increase your property value if you ever decide to sell. Decide what’s best for you, get it set up, and rest easy knowing those closest to you are protected.

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