Security on a Budget: 5 Cost Effective Devices for Your Home

Security on a Budget: 5 Cost Effective Devices for Your Home

So you want an exceptional security system for your home, but you don’t want to break the bank. Thankfully, there are not only affordable and efficient options, but excellent options that incorporate advanced technology that will keep you safe and worry-free. Here are the five most cost-effective home security systems that you should consider.

Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm is the best overall affordable home security system. The cheapest monitoring plan is $20.00 per month, and that comes with some amazing features including 60-day cloud video storage and a lifetime warranty. The starting price for an equipment set is $199.99. Ring also has a mobile app with their base plan level, and smart home compatibility with Amazon and Z-Wave. It also works with Ring doorbells and cameras.


If your budget is very tight, your best option is Wyze. Their cheapest monitoring plan is $4.99 per month. Their base kit starts at $99.98, includes the mobile app, and has smart compatibility with amazon and Google. Their starter kit includes entry sensors, a motion detector, and a keypad. While it is the most affordable option and comes with cloud storage, buyers should be aware that it has a short warranty and doesn’t offer cellular backup like some other options do.


Kangaroo’s base plan starts at $8.25 a month, with a $119.00 kit including the equipment you’ll need to get started. It has smart compatibility with Amazon and Google, uses Wi-Fi, and doesn’t require a control panel or hub. While there are some limited equipment options with this brand, their affordability and efficiency are attractive to anyone looking for home security on a tight budget.


Abode starts at $20.00 a month, and their starter kit at the baseline level is $249.00. They have impressive smart compatibility, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Z-Wave, and Zigbee. Their smart home kit includes a hub, motion detector, window sensors, and there’s a trade option to get cameras instead. Adobe is a favorite among the budget-conscious, but buyers should be aware that there is no custom home automation with their free plan option.


Lastly, SimpliSafe starts at a monthly price of $14.99, with a starting equipment kit at $229.00. It has smart compatibility with Amazon and Google, but no mobile app with the cheaper plan options. While it is the most expensive of the affordable options on this list, it is sleek, simple, efficient, and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

No matter the home security system you choose to invest in, you can be confident that just because you are choosing with price in mind does not mean that you are compromising the safety of yourself, your family, or your home. These five options come with a standard of excellence that is impressive for their price points. If you’re asking yourself if cheap home security is worth it, it absolutely is, as long as you are satisfied with less equipment.

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