Serving Boards – A Wonderful Home Décor and Utility Option


Serving Boards - A Wonderful Home Décor and Utility Option

Serving boards (also known as cheese boards) are made of face grain wood, making them less durable and more prone to marks left by knives. Cheese knives that are dull work well for serving boards; however, beware of sharp knives. Choose a wonderful wood serving board.

What is the difference between wood grains?

Another excellent question! Wood has three sides to its grain: (1) face grain, (2) edge grain, and (3) end grain.

A few examples of the wood grain

Face grain is generally the broadest side of lumber. This aspect is where the customer will see most of the wood’s distinctive characteristics and grain patterns. However, when the customer cut along the grain’s surface, it is serving against the grain fibers that leave marks from the knife. This factor is why the face grain wood is utilized most often to serve boards and tabletops.

The end and edge grain sides are robust because the grain pattern is not exposed. This factor is why serving boards are generally constructed by gluing long strips of edge and end grain timber.

If the customer is deciding to purchase serving boards or a serving table, take into consideration three aspects: (1) General Purpose, (2) weight, and (3) the budget.

General Scope: What will it be used for?

There are a variety of beautiful wood serving boards that come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Choose one that is suited to the customer’s needs for entertaining.

Opt for a traditional serving board if the customers are searching for serving boards that can be used to prepare food (think sharp knives for chopping onions). It’s the perfect partner when the customer is serving vegetables. It is also possible to flip it upside down and use the backside as a platter. We don’t have footprints on the serving board.

Thickness and Weight

Serving boards are generally about 3/4 “-1″ thickness, whereas serving boards can be 1.25” or thicker. If weight or thickness is a significant factor, the customer should choose the serving board to get a more accessible option. If chosen to use it for serving, then go for it! The serving board may show the marks of a knife, but it is sure to be loved. That’s the most important thing.

Another alternative is to choose smaller serving boards. We have serving boards available in a range of sizes. One of the most popular serving boards is called the Short Round.


Many customers, are concerned about budget and looking for a solution, we have the one in luck. There are plenty of fantastic serving boards and serving boards to suit any budget. A majority of serving boards cost between $30 and $75.


Also, consider which size the customer will require and how much the customer would like to invest. The customer can then shop around until they find the ideal fit for a wood serving board.

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