Seven Key Supplies to Get Your Hands On Before Adopting a Cat

So you have finally decided to bring a furry and fluffy cat to your house. This decision to adopt a cat is, no doubt, the most exciting moment in your life. Whether you are doing it for the first time or not, you will always develop a rewarding relationship with your new cat. However, you may also want to consider many other factors before adopting a cat. You will need to collect several pet essentials before bringing a cat to your house. Many people get excitedly rush to bring their favorite cat to the home and overlook the essential supplies.

Seven Key Supplies to Get Your Hands On Before Adopting a Cat

Before you plan for snuggling and playing with your newly arrived cat, it is essential to prepare for them. You will need to answer a lot of questions. Is your current neighborhood suited for the cat? Do you have a plan for taking your cat with you during work or travel? Or do any of your family members have allergies to pets or not? These factors must get sorted out beforehand.

Moreover, along with these questions, your cat also requires special care from you. You do not have to bring the cat and leave it on its own. Proper pet care requires several essential supplies, which will make your cat feel comfortable in your house. With that said, let’s discuss seven critical supplies to get your hands on before adopting a cat.


One of the essential items that you need to bring to your house and the cat is a litter box. The main reason for that is like every other pet; your cat will need a place to pee and poo. Cats are natural animals, and they are not aware of disciplines like humans. Moreover, it is never a good idea to toilet train them as it is precarious.

For that instance, you can use a disposable kitty litter box to give your cat enough space for litter. Many people also question how many litter boxes they need for their cats. As per professional recommendations, there is not a constraint for the boxes. However, it purely depends on the size of your house and the number of cats. For instance, if you already have a cat and plan to welcome another one, three litter boxes will be enough.


While welcoming a new member to your family, you might also want to consider providing them their food and water bowls. Always find wide and shallow bowls for your cats. These bowls will ease your cats to eat and drink and accommodate their whiskers. The material for the items is entirely your own choice. However, stainless steel bowls are durable and more comfortable to clean.

The cats are also attracted to the shining stainless steel objects. In this case, they would love to eat and drink in these bowls. The cat’s close families also like to drink from the running water. So if you are thinking of making them feel at home, you can also design a DIY fountain or stream for the drinking water.


Many people complain about their cats, not eating everything they offer to them. However, it is essential to note that the cats are very picky eaters and will not taste the regular biscuits you have in your cabinets. Our furry friends have evolved to eat nutritious foods with an average ratio of protein and fats. Before adopting a cat, you must consider providing them with healthy food that is nutritious and their favorite. You can also ask the shelter or pet house owners about the kind of food your cat likes. This way, you will be able to provide the best diet for their health.


Seriously, you do not have to miss out on that one. Cats love scratching things and playing with toys. On the other side, no one wants their cats to scratch their carpets and suits that you have prepared for your meeting day. Moreover, you can not stop them from scratching around the house. The scratching is essential for paw and nail health. You will be required to provide them with their own space for scratching. Many professionals recommend buying cat furniture for scratch options along with different hanging toys for your cats. Cats are social animals, and they can get stressed in a new environment. Other colorful toys can help you bond with your cat and make them feel comfortable early.


Your cat will also need a snoozing spot in your house. You need to provide them with a cozy and comfortable space for their sleep. Always look for enclosed beds, since cats love to be surrounded by objects. It must also be soft and warm; otherwise, cats will never bother to use them for sleep. Place these beds where your cats like the most. Cats always love to sleep in a separate room away from the litter box and bowls.


Many homeowners always overlook getting a collar and ID tag for their incoming cats. However, according to research, collars are essential for the safety of your cats. A collar and ID tags with a chip will allow you to find them whenever they plan to escape with the stray partners. Collar will give your cat an identity and ownership, so the strangers will never mistake them as homeless.


Last but not least is the cat carrier. It is the first thing that you will need before adopting a cat. The cat carrier will help you and your cat to travel safely and sturdy to your home. Many carriers come with comfortable lining and proper ventilation for your cat. Not just that but this career will also help you during veterinarian visits.


Adopting a cat comes with a lot of responsibilities for their proper care and healthy life. It might seem overwhelming at the start, but you and your new cat will adjust to things with time. Incorporating these essential supplies will benefit you and your cat for a long-lasting furry friendship.

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