Seven Ways to Refresh Your Home Without Renovations


Are you tired of being in the same home? Or do you think your home needs a revamp? Either way, if you plan to refresh your home without renovating, I have got some simple methods for you. I will take you through the seven ways to refresh your home without renovations with the help of Glimmr domestic cleaning. So, let’s get going.

These are very small changes that shouldn’t cost you too much money at all. You can do some of them even without any cost. Here are the ways to do so.

1) Opening up space in your home 

The whole look of your living room or any room in particular changes when you can open up space. For example, if you have a room with a lot of unnecessary stuff, you can remove them. This will completely change how your room looks. When the room has more space, you can get a very easy reset in the looks. Here, you don’t even have to spend a single penny, clean up, remove stuff, and that’s it.

2) Change the lighting 

Another easy way to refresh your home with a new look is by making it brighter. A room that looks dull doesn’t feel that good. The best way to make your room bright is by changing the lighting setup. Well, you can either add new lights, or you can reorganize them. Also, when you add lights, make sure to place them strategically, so it lightens up the whole room.

3) Replacing hardware 

It’s simple when you stay in a place for a long time, the hardware you have gets old—for instance, drawer pull or handles of cabinets and doors. When you replace them with new ones, you will notice an instant change in the appearance of your home. And it doesn’t cost too much either.

4) Getting new window treatments 

Keeping your windows organized and dressed up can have a lot of impact on how your home looks. If your home doesn’t have any window treatments, or maybe the ones you have are pretty old, you should get new ones. This will drastically change your home look for sure. And the best part is you can go with different designs and styles according to your choice.

Seven Ways to Refresh Your Home Without Renovations

5) Fill up empty walls 

If there are lots of empty walls in your home, you should fill them up. You can use various wallpapers, or you can go for arts and pictures. Some people also use mirrors here and there to fill up the walls. No matter which way you go, it makes a huge difference and refreshes your home quite a lot.

6) Clean up and paint 

If you are sure that you don’t like how your home looks, then painting is a great way to refresh. Sometimes the color of your home makes its look not very interesting. So, going for a lighter and brighter color can surely help get a reset in your home.

7) Add decorations to your home.

One primary reason your home looks dull is probably the lack of decorations. You can add different decorative items like vases, candles, tiny plants in pots, paintings, etc. Adding such little intricacies can have a significant impact on how your home looks.


In short, it’s not that hard to refresh your home. With these seven ways to refresh your home without renovating, you won’t have to spend a lot either. Also, you might not even have to follow all seven of them as some maybe not be suitable for you. Just go for the ones that you think your home can use for a refresh.

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