Short Term Shops – Benefits of Cabin Investment

Short Term Shops - Benefits of Cabin InvestmentWhat Is a Cabin?

A cabin refers to a little rural-style home, a log structure, or a structure with little or no amenities for camping. It is often used interchangeably with cottage, which refers to homes built with brick, stone, and stone materials.

Cabins are one of the various vacation rental home types to choose from because it allows travelers to have a peaceful and quiet getaway. It is also a perfect business opportunity.

An investment property could serve as a rental income source, and you can sell it in the future for more than you bought it. Among the several income property types, a log cabin is top on the list, and it is commonly located in remote areas.

A cabin rental investment is an appealing endeavor due to nature retreats, growing popularity, and has incredible income potential.

Why Purchasing Your Cabin Is a Good Investment?

Owning a cabin creates flexibility, gives you a place away from home to make memories with loved ones, friends, and family, and provides peaceful moments.

In addition, buying a cabin property allows you to get a vacation retreat and a return on investments through vacation rentals. Also, making a short-term shop cabin investment is an asset to your financial portfolio and your family.

Below are the reasons buying a cabin investment is suitable.

1. Flexibility

Owning a cabin gives you the freedom to be spontaneous or plan ahead of your getaways and the flexibility to determine when and how long the vacation will last. Houses also provide solitude and the refuge many are seeking.

2. More Savings

Renting a place is expensive compared to saving up and making a cabin investment. Buying a house gives you the freedom to use it as often as you like, allowing you to explore nature and build memories with yourself, loved ones, family, and friends. Short Term Shop’s cabins investments opportunities for investors.

3. Long Term Investment + Passive Income

One of the most significant advantages of buying a cabin is that it is a land investment and land typically increases in value with time.

In other words, making short-term shop cabin investments could provide an ROI (Return On Investment) if you decide to sell it in the future. You can also rent out your log cabin when it is not in use and use the additional money to rent another vacation home.

4. Mental and Physical Health Benefit

Owning a cabin allows you to connect with yourself or other people, spend time in nature and disconnect from mobile devices.

It also encourages you to engage in social interactions while eating and drinking; this has a good impact on your overall well-being and health. Also, owning a cabin is advantageous to your mind, soul and body; it encourages you to explore the outdoors and read.

Types of Cabin to Buy

When deciding on a cabin type, you should consider the market that interests you; for instance, classic log cabins are located in the smoky mountains, while A-frame cabins are popular in northern areas like the New England mountains and Poconos.

Another factor to consider is the price point. Below are some popular cabin types to buy.

1. Log Cabins

Outdoor travelers are typically attracted to classic log cabins because they are more energy-efficient due to the thick log exterior, which traps heat, keeping the interior warm after nightfall.

Making a log cabin investment is among the best ways to increase your investment portfolio, crush your financial goals and generate wealth.

The best places to make a short-term shop cabin investment are the smoky mountains, Panama city beach, Florida, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach, Alabama.

The smoky mountain has a scenic landscape that appeals to tourists and local “vacationers,” making it a good vacation rental investment.

Buying a log cabin in the smoky mountains is a profitable investment because the location is a famous vacation spot for people from various countries.

The National Park in the Smoky Mountains spans Tennessee and North Carolina, creating an accessible area since it is not along the driving distance from the many Eastern US States.

2. Family Cabin

Family-sized cabins have sprawling floor plans that give groups the liberty to create memories with your family. Some family cabins are stocked with luxury amenities like wrap-around porches, fire pits, and hot tubs to entertain guests.

3. One-Room Remote Cabins

This type of cabin is perfect for solo getaways or traveling couples and fosters a simple experience. Also, one-room houses tend to have lower maintenance costs as they lack luxury amenities.

What to Know About Buying a Log Cabin as an Investment Property

1. Not All Log Cabins Are Created Equal

What comes to your mind when you think of a log cabin? You might picture a little structure with small square footage.

On the contrary, log cabins are in different sizes and shapes. If you intend to use your property as a vacation rental, it is advisable to buy a larger log cabin with more than one bathroom and extra bedrooms.

2. Location

It is crucial to buy log cabins in the correct location. Typically, log cabins are found in the woods; frequently, you will see log cabins near ski resorts, notable hiking trails, or other attractions.

Buying a log cabin in smoky mountains, Panama City Beach, Gulf shore, and Orange Beach, Alabama, makes it easier to rent a house, allowing you to request higher rental rates.

3. Your Home Might Feel Damp

Woods make log cabins attractive, but they don’t mix well with water, which may make your log cabin often feel damp.


Log cabins are a highly sought-after investment in the real estate vacation market because travelers search where to spend their vacation away from home. Cabins allow you to leave the city to a peaceful and quiet place, one of the many vacation rental home types.

The benefits of making a cabin investment are that it offers flexibility, serves as a long-term investment, and has mental and physical advantages.

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