Should You Relocate to Clarksville, TN? Top 3 Reasons to Consider

Should You Relocate to Clarksville, TN

Want to relocate to another city to grab all the advantages? Read on to know the top three reasons why you should relocate to Clarksville, TN. Tired of looking for the right job but not landing any in your current city? Thinking about moving to another city or even state to get better luck?

Well, you might consider Clarksville, Tennessee as it’s an ever-growing prospect for relocation among many. However, you should look into the reasons why relocating there will benefit you. Besides plenty of job opportunities, there are a couple of major reasons why you can keep it on your consideration list. Without further ado, let’s look at the three reasons why you should consider moving to Clarksville, Tennessee.

Why Should You Relocate to Clarksville? 3 Reasons

There are a million reasons why relocating to Clarksville, TN, is very promising besides the fact that there are homes for sale within any type of budget you have in mind. However, there are three major reasons why we recommend Clarksville, TN. The next section has a detailed discussion of them. Read on!

1. Lucrative Job Opportunities

The chance to grow your own business is one of the attractions of relocating to Clarksville, Tennessee. Clarksville will provide you with ample options if you want to begin your own business. Advancing your career in a larger company is also easier there.

In January 2020, Tennessee stood as the 7th best state for conducting business per Forbes. Forbes also named it the 5th best state in terms of the business climate. Whether you’re looking for startups or working for a major company, Tennessee has plenty of options.

Major companies hail from Clarksville, Tennessee. This promises significant economic prospects for people relocating there. Are you unemployed and moving to Clarksville? No worries! Government positions are also available. You can also consult the Tennessee Career Center at Clarksville. They will give you the information that you need.

If you are planning on a startup or already own an SME, you’re in luck! Then the Clarksville Chamber of Commerce can provide you with the resources to get you started. Major employers include plumbing fixtures manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, and major suppliers of customer management software.

Clarksville is a mere ten-mile drive from Fort Campbell. This is a golden opportunity if you come from a  military family. Fort Campbell is essentially the residence of the 101st Airborne Division. There are a large number of Clarksville residents who work there.

The bottom line is that Clarksville will not disappoint you in terms of job opportunities. You’ll find tons of openings if you look at job websites. Hopefully, you’ll never face any issues with employment here in Clarksville, Tennessee!

2. Quality Education

Whenever you’re relocating, the education prospects will definitely be one of your biggest concerns. Well, no need to worry if you are coming to Clarksville, TN! You and your family can opt for the best quality education here! Clarksville is home to amazing institutes like Austin Peay State University. There is also Nashville State Community College. These colleges offer a great education.

If you’re looking for secondary education, Clarksville has all sorts of quality schools. Including private schools and top-notch public schools, Clarksville has amazing tutoring facilities and childcare for you! The county school system is called “Clarksville-Montgomery.” There are a total of 36 facilities that serve over 30,000 students at seven high schools, seven middle schools, and twenty elementary schools.

There is even a magnet school that facilitates students from grades K-5. If you are living here, you can easily find a residence near the campus for your convenience.

Simply put, Clarksville, Tennessee, offers amazing education prospects for everyone. You’ll be in good hands!

3. Affordable Cost of Living

Moreover, a very promising prospect of Clarksville is the affordability that it offers. The living expenses there are actually lower by three percent compared to the national average. Housing or accommodation in Clarksville is the most economical thing for people. Typical housing in American cities is eleven percent higher than in Clarksville.

An apartment with one bedroom will cost you about $811 per month.  A two-bedroom apartment costs around $1,062 per month. We recommend you get yourself the best real estate agents to rent your apartments! Investing in Tennessee real estate can be an amazing option for you. You can buy a house at a median home price of $164,900.

The next most economical aspect is groceries, which stand at nine percent lower than average.

Though healthcare is similar to the national average, transportation and utility costs are much cheaper. Both of them come in at 7 percent cheaper than other places.

Bonus Information!


Clarksville is located in a humid subtropical zone. You will experience four distinct seasons there. Summers are usually very hot and humid with temperatures around 90 degrees. Even winters are pretty mild. You will get about 50 inches of precipitation each year. Temperatures may drop to around 20 degrees during the winter.

However, snowfall is something you will experience on a much smaller scale than many other places at about seven inches of snowfall each year. You will need to have a diversified wardrobe to handle the contrasting seasons there. Make sure you prepare your luggage properly!


Clarksville is known for having a tight-knit community. They provide support for local businesses and participate in recreational activities together. They even participate in local events that bring the community together.

There are some amazing points of interest in Clarksville. These include places like the Roxy Theater. You will also want to visit the Customs House Museum, which has attracted people for a long time.

Other places that you should visit are the Cultural Center and Dunbar Cave and so on. You’ll have an amazing experience while shopping in the downtown district, which features architecture from the 18th century.

There are loads of art galleries and brewpubs there. Basically, you’ll never get bored of Clarksville, Tennessee. Follow these pro tips for moving abroad and enjoy the beautiful Clarksville!

Final Thoughts

When the time comes to think about relocation due to various reasons, the options can get overwhelming. There are many cities and states in the US where you can go but finding the right one is not easy.

That’s why we have covered three reasons why you should relocate to Clarksville, TN – multiple job opportunities, great educational institutes, and a reasonable cost of living. Besides the above, the plethora of social activities and a favorable climate make the living conditions in Clarksville, TN a feasible option for you to relocate to.

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