Signs That Your Roof Needs to be Repaired

Signs That Your Roof Needs to be RepairedKeeping up with property maintenance is one of the biggest jobs homeowners face. Your property is likely to be your most expensive purchase, making it your biggest asset, so protecting this is vital. As a homeowner, it can be challenging to keep up with all the tasks that need to be completed. Yet, maintaining your home is a vital task to ensure you preserve its value and have a safe, comfortable place to live. One area of the house often forgotten about is the roof, despite the fact it performs one of your home’s most crucial functions. Taking care of your roof is vital to keep some significant issues at bay.

The roof of a home is the part most exposed to the elements and often the most susceptible to damage. Unfortunately, damage to your roof can lead to problems throughout other parts of your home. But, roof damage is not always easy to spot and often goes undetected until a more significant problem arises. Here are some common signs your roof requires repairs:

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles and broken tiles can be tricky to spot but can cause more significant issues if they are not noticed quickly. Sometimes, you may be able to notice damaged or missing shingles from the ground level of your home simply by taking a step back and looking up at the roof. Broken and missing shingles can also sometimes be spotted from your loft space. Simply look up, and you may be able to see patches of daylight shining through, which is an indicator that a shingle has broken or has fallen off the roof. It is always worth checking the ground outside your home after strong winds to see if any damage has been caused to your roof, as you may be able to spot the broken shingles on the floor.

Damp Patches Inside the Home

When an issue with your roof has been going on for a while, you may notice damp patches forming on ceilings. These may appear as dark marks on the ceiling, or if the issue is severe, you may even spot water dripping through the ceiling. These issues are often caused by rainwater getting through your roof and landing in the roof space. This causes the moisture to seep through your ceiling to create a visible mark. Calling a local roofer to come and inspect your roof is advisable to ensure that the repairs are carried out quickly, and the problem is resolved.

Increased Energy Bills

As well as noticing visible signs that a roof repair is needed, there may also be subtle signs that you can look out for and detect, such as an increase in your energy bills. High energy bills can be caused by your heating and cooling system needing to work harder. This is often caused by heated and cooled escaping through your roof space. Getting a roof repair as soon as possible should help to reduce your energy bills and resolve the issue.


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