Silver And Gold: Is It One Or The Other?

Silver And Gold: Is It One Or The Other?

As with any fashion or beauty product, jewelry can find ways to elevate your look and represent your character. Whether it’s the tone of your skin, the color of your hair or the design of your outfit, jewelry is always there to complete your look and compliment the person underneath it.

This has been true for as long as fashion has been around. Jewelry has a long history, and back at the very beginning it would be found in the shape of shells, feathers or bones. All of these were worn to amplify the beauty of the owner, but pretty soon jewelry became a way to signify wealth. Those with the brightest stone or the boldest metal would be able to represent their riches and importance with a simple wave of the hand.

These days, however, jewelry has come to strike a fine balance between both. Whilst many still pick out jewelry based on its expense, we tend to be more attracted to stones or metals which speak to us. Jewelry that can tell a story and accentuates beauty. Often expensive but durable enough to last a lifetime.

Most of the time, a buyer’s option will be to get either gold or silver. Both hold a lot of respect and admiration with buyers but both will offer the buyer different things. It is fair to say that we have come a long way from deciding what feather or bone is the most suitable for us. It certainly wasn’t an expensive decision that one might regret down the line. After all, it’s easy enough to find another feather if you’re good at sneaking up on birds, but not so easy to acquire some more gold or silver if you get your decision wrong. So let’s look at the facts of both metals, then, in order to make the right decision.

While It Is Acceptable To Wear Silver And Gold Together, It Might Not Suit Your Style

The first thing to note is that there are no real rules when wearing jewelry. Whilst many deem it unacceptable to mix one and the other, it really depends on whether it works for the look you are going for. Mixing metals used to be regarded as a bit of a fashion faux pas but, in recent years, some jewelry wears have made the decision to throw tradition out of the window, and to embrace the ability to combine yellow and rose gold with the stark brightness of silver and platinum.

Jewelry Should Be About You

The other thing to remember is that you are buying jewelry that speaks to you. Yes, it is important to match the jewelry to your look, but it is also important to let it represent what’s underneath the skin. Jewelry can be about friendship, faith, remembrance or love. With this in mind, you will have to find the right metal to compliment you.

As with dress and skin tone, one metal will achieve something different to the other, especially when representing faith. Nadavart silver Judaica necklaces mean something very different to gold necklaces, even when they feature similar designs. In Judaism, silver is representative of moral innocence, while gold is representative of celestial light. You have to find one which is telling the story in the way you want it to.

Everything Must Be Brought Together

Whether you are complimenting your features, symbolizing a partnership, or representing your faith (or all three), it is important to remember that these aspects must all come together in one piece of jewelry. It’s a lot of pressure for a small piece of metal. In my opinion, this can be done by making a very clear decision on what metal best suits what you are trying to achieve. Silver and gold both have different qualities and characters. One of them will speak to you best, you just have to go out and find it!

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