Simple Steps For Creating A More Open Living Room

Simple Steps For Creating A More Open Living Room

Modern interior trends feature large, open spaces that give an airy and chic feel. Heavily influenced by Scandinavian trends, a clean and open aesthetic creates the ideal living space.

However, creating a spacious living room can be difficult when you lack the one thing you really need – space. The good news is that anyone can transform their living room to feel larger and airy, you just need to learn some tricks.

Give your space a contemporary lift with these simple steps for creating a more open living room.

Strip it all out

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to really transform a room is to just take everything out and start over. When you remove all of the furniture and everything else in the room, you get to see what it really is and let your imagination run wild.

Choose paint that will help create light

The right kind of paint can make all the difference to your living room, so make sure you choose your paint colors wisely. Some of the most popular paint colors at the moment include whites, pale greys and blues which will work to make your room look bigger and brighter, while also offering you a neutral color scheme to make it easy to decorate.

Change your flooring

Your flooring can also make a big difference to the overall look of your living room. While carpets are great, having a light-colored carpet is hard work to maintain, and isn’t ideal if you have children or pets. However, a wooden or tiled floor can create a sleek, modern look that makes your living room feel more spacious, while also being much easier to maintain. Adding a rug can break up the floor if you still want to include an element of texture, and they are a great way of reinforcing your color scheme.

Create a more natural lighting scheme

Warm lightbulbs can make a space feel more enclosed, creating a cozy look as opposed to something more open. The advances in lightbulbs today are incredible, and you can choose some excellent natural daylight options that will help recreate the look and feel of natural light. Choose a smart home lighting system that will help you to control your lighting and adapt it according to your mood and situation.

Use mirrors to create the illusion of light

Mirrors are a fantastic way to open up a space. By using mirrors around your living room, you’ll help the natural light to reach the darker areas – which is ideal if there are few or small windows in your living room.

Buy simple, minimal furniture

The Scandinavian influence can be seen heavily in the latest furniture trends, with options to suit all budgets when it comes to creating a sleek, modern look. The right living room furniture can help you free up space, so choose items which are raised off the ground to really open up your living room. Furniture doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve the look, with plenty of affordable options if you’re willing to shop around. For simple & minimal furniture ideas check

Plan your layout carefully

The right layout can make a huge difference to the way your living room looks. Spacing things out and moving furniture against the walls will give you more floor space, which will help to create that Scandi aesthetic. Play around with different layouts before you settle on the right one.

If you feel like you have too much furniture in your living room, why not switch it out for fold-out pieces you can bring out as and when you need them. A fold away desk, for example, is a fantastic idea if you work from home, while some fold away chairs can be useful for when you have guests over. There are some clever fold-away furniture ideas you can try if you’re concerned about the amount of space in your home. Choose items that are easy to store and assemble so that you can use them as and when you please.


Keeping things clean and tidy will help you to maintain your new open living space. Clutter can instantly make a room feel smaller, especially if the floors are covered in things that shouldn’t be there. If you want to refresh your home for summer, then a good decluttering session is a good place to start. Get rid of any items that you no longer want and make more sensible buying decisions in future to stop you filling your home with goods you don’t really need. Be brutal to get the most from your decluttering, and the results will be sure to pay off.

Get clever with storage

While a good decluttering session can make a big difference to your home, it’s impossible to get rid of everything. That’s where storage comes in. You can invest in some fantastic living room storage items for your home that will look stylish but will also hide all of the things you don’t want out on display. Storage furniture can be particularly useful for storing blankets and throws as well as cleaning supplies, so keep an eye out for chic furniture that serves this handy dual purpose.

Use shelving to increase floor space

To help you create more floor space, you can use shelves to your advantage. Taking things off the floor and onto the walls will mean that you have a nice open space to walk around on, as well as letting you create some fantastic wall features. Keep your shelves minimal – floating shelves are an excellent way to create a simple, clean look.

Creating a more open living room requires many elements, but when they’re brought together the look can be amazing. Even small spaces can be made to feel much larger, with some considered planning and a few interior design tricks. Plan your new open living space today using the steps above to completely transform your living room.

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