Simple Tips That Will Help Men Look More Stylish and Comfy At The Same Time

Simple Tips That Will Help Men Look More Stylish and Comfy At The Same Time

For the most part, men tend to go for comfortable clothes. Sadly that doesn’t always translate into being stylish as well. Men also tend to stick with one style their whole lives. Once they’ve found something that feels comfortable and is what they’re used to that’s it. However, there are ways for guys to maintain their comfort level while still having an elevated style that makes them look more polished, mature, and sophisticated.

We’ve curated a list of simple tips that can help men look more stylish while seeming laid back and effortless.

Upgrade Your Style…Try Wearing A Suit

I know what you’re thinking, how it is supposed to be comfy. They can be actually. The main key is to make sure that it fits you well. Have it custom-made if it’s within your budget, or have it tailored to fit you better. You’ll be surprised how comfortable you feel. It’s an effortless style that can be done on a budget. You can also find suits in a variety of styles so you can go for something that isn’t as formal. You can also mix and match pieces. One of our favorite looks is a dress shirt paired with a suit pant and a cardigan draped over the shoulders. A white with dotted pattern is our favorite dress shirts for keeping the look stylish but effortless.

You can wear a well-fitted pair of jeans with a nice but simple polo shirt and throw a suit jacket on over top. One of our favorite looks is a dress shirt paired with a suit pant and a cardigan draped over the shoulders. There are a lot of custom made dress shirts online at an affordable price.

Invest In Timeless Accessories

Invest wisely in a watch. A watch from Teddy Baldassarre can take any outfit to the next level. It can also bring a look together. You want to make sure that it’s the right size. It should also be comfortable and match aesthetically with your everyday wear and activities. Watches have come a long way throughout their history and there are models to fit and style and outfit. Many experts would give a breakdown of the changes in timepiece design in their article, “Evolution of Timepiece: From Analog to Smart Watch”. It’s a good starting point to see what style and design you might be interested in.

At the end of the day, you have to have all your basics. You’re going to need plain T-shirts in various colors, some slacks, solid shoes, and a jacket. That way, each outfit you wear is going to be as basic as they come. Pick nothing too fancy or anything besides colors that complement one another. It also helps if every piece of clothing is from a well-made and respected brand you can rely on. This will keep your look simple and easy while still being visually appealing and fashionable at all times.

Add A Pop Of Color

Sometimes men can get stuck in one color palette. It’s okay to have a favorite color and stick to it but sometimes adding a pop of color in the form of a tie, shirt, blazer or sweater can turn up the stylish factor. Plus it won’t look like you’re trying too hard and you can remain comfortable in your style. Trying switching up the colors with pieces that you already love.

Minimal Accessories

A quick way to clean up a look is to minimize the number of accessories that you wear at one time. Wearing too many accessories can create a feeling of chaos in your look. It can also look like you’re trying too hard and shows that you aren’t comfortable or confident in your look. Trying wearing just a watch and ring. If you have your ears pierced go for something simple in design. You want to create clean effortless lines.

A bonus tip for you guys out there is to get your hair styled in a way that suits your face but is also easy to maintain and doesn’t require you to spend hours getting it just right. You can also get your eyebrows and beard professionally groomed. This way they’ll always look presentable and you want to have to put so much effort into taming them.

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