Simplifying Lives with Time Switches

Feeling sleepy? You can thank one hour of uncomfortable sleep when you had to wake up early in the morning for switching your motor on and off for water supply in the building. You can say that this is jet lag without travelling anywhere! If you are still working on conventional model of operating electronic devices manually, then this post is for you. Time switch, also known as timer, is a device which help in operating any electric switch using timing mechanism. This means, you can attach time switch directly to the electric circuit operating from mains power and operate the device using remote control or using preset timer functionality.

The disruption created by technology shows no signs of slowing down. If you are looking to accelerate the process through automation then wide range of time switches and timer relay can help you in achieving your objective. We are in “smart home/ office/ building” era and there are many new products available in the market to operate devices smartly. But if you just want to modernize your traditional devices then you can use plug-in model of electric timers that that fits any wall outlet and controls the fixtures that are plugged into it. This post is to talk about nine benefits of adopting technology easily in your lives through Time Switch!

  1. Easy to operate: It is easy to change the battery and align these switches to the electronic devices at your residential or commercial property. These electronic appliances could be heavy or low voltage. Air-conditioners, Geyser, fans, heater control, pumps, motor, wastewater treatment system, Pool & Spa etc are few examples. Various models of time switches allow “On/ off/ Auto” mode of operation.
  2. Cost-friendly alternative: You get to save lot of electricity using timer switches as they help in controlling the supply which saves electricity wastage. These can be used in advertising signboards, streetlights, car parking lights, garden lights which require usage only at certain hours of the day/ night etc. These smart time switches can also be used in controlling stairwell lightening in multiplexes, hotels, office etc.
  3. Control how much time children spend watching television and playing Video Game: Your TV and play station can have set time limits using these timers. This means that you can control the time they can spend on these activities. The remote control is in your hand!
  4. Measure electricity usage: It is necessary to have precision in measuring time taken by machinery to operate. This measurement helps you in understanding the performance of electronic devices. For instance, you measure average of your vehicle based on the kilometres travelled and the fuel. Similarly, hour meter/ counter helps in measuring the electricity units drawn by electronic devices. You can use this equipment for your home or for big industrial machines to track down usage and performance in certain span of time.
  5. Progression of technology towards energy saving in outdoors: The technology has accelerated by millions of times because of sensing technology of smart devices. A perfect example could be a self-driving car. Earlier, the driver used to stop the car in a dangerous situation but today, the car stops itself. The efficiency gains are vast, and this is possible only by use of photocell switches in your devices. These photocell circuits can be functioned to work only during the daylight or after the sun goes down. The trigger point is the intensity of natural light and you have complete liberty to arrange the settings as per your requirement.  Streetlights could be best use case!
  6. Because there are high load devices too: We understand that there can be some high-load devices in schools, homes, construction sites, industrial, agricultural or any other commercial space. In such cases, regular relays won’t be successful, and you would have to invest in modular contractors. These are made for devices with high load and not for short circuits. The best example could be central lighting of the entire building. These contractors connect directly to devices of heavy load in the building by providing an extra layer of protection through insulation and thermosetting.
  7. Controlling the flow of electricity: While time switch helps in controlling time of the devices, timer relay helps in controlling the flow of electricity based on time. Delayed start or stop, pulse delay relay or cycle are few setting which you can control using timer relay. If there is any fault, then this device indicates through LED notifications. Timer relays are also equipped to have power surge absorber to prevent damage caused to fluctuations in voltage.
  8. Save Money & your planet: Embracing technology has little space for ‘old world and conventional’ models. When you know that you are not wasting resources of your planet, not only you get to sleep peacefully but also happily! Notice your savings when your electricity bill arrives for next month after installation!
  9. Safety & Security: Many homeowners prefer keeping the lights of outdoors on when they are going on vacation so that thieves are dissuaded. Unfortunately, thieves are above all these tricks. It is time to take a smart step by setting sensors at the outdoors of your area which only gets turned on when there is some activity! You can scare off the intruders in real this way!

Time Switches can really ease your life along with giving you a chance to save some resources of your planet. It is time to get started! Visit us today for help with choosing and installing timer switches and relays at your place!

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