Singapore’s Top-Secret Travel Destinations

Travel agents have a tendency of selling various travel destinations and overlooking others. If you love exploring new and secret places, then Singapore has a couple of such places. According to top consultants in Singapore, these secret places have their share of fun and rich backgrounds that you will enjoy from the beginning to the end. Let’s take you on an adventure you have never experienced before by highlighting these places.

Tiong Bahru Wet Market

They have fresh products from the farms, which they sell at a cheap price. Most of the locals and expats who have been in Singapore for a long time prefer the Tiong Bahru Wet Market to the city malls. The common products here include seafood, fruits, vegetables and spices among other things. Those who love flowers can also find fresh bouquets with aroma straight from the gardens. As a tourist, you will enjoy this traditional market without a doubt.

The Library Bar

If you like the idea of enjoying fancy cocktails inspired by Singaporeans in a secret place, then this is the right place to be. Probably, no travel agent will mention this place. The good thing is that now you know it exists. The library bar has a password that changes every day. The restaurant that is adjacent to the bar issues the passwords. The bar is a total surprise to those who have never been in a secret bar. It is dimly lit with a rugged counter and has books used as coasters for your special drinks. This is total fun you cannot afford to miss.

Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum

Have you ever seen so many turtles and tortoises together? Well, this museum is all about these animals, and it has hundreds of them. You will be surprised to learn that there are different species of these reptiles. According to travel experts, every person who comes here will leave smiling and surprised that turtles and tortoises are such wonderful animals to share a moment with.

Mandai Mangrove

It is known that mangrove forests grow in still and tranquil waters. They form a canopy and make the water beneath even cooler. Such an exploration is a wonder especially when you go kayaking guided by experienced locals. Mandai Mangrove forest offers this and more. Even though the travel agent will not mention this, you can take time and explore the mangrove forest and rest assured that you will have the best day in Singapore.

NOX – Dine in the Dark

NOX is one of the places where you can dine in the dark to invigorate your other senses apart from vision. They say that this is for the daring and those who want to have fun. Eating is not all about seeing the food that you eat but is also about enjoying the surprise as you bring the food into your mouth in the darkness. Servers will guide you into a dining experience you will never forget.

With all these in mind, then Singapore remains a land of many surprises. Now that you know, it is time to explore these secret destinations during your next tour of the region.

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