Six Clever Lighting Ideas For Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Area

Are you looking to add more lighting to your outdoor area to make it a more inviting space, especially with summer just around the corner? Have a look at these six outdoor lighting ideas for illuminating your outdoor area.

Using Lanterns As A Portable Lighting Option

Lanterns are an excellent portable outdoor illumination option. They can provide a cozy addition to any garden seating area, or you can cluster them on your patio. Another great idea is lining them along paths to guide guests to the outdoor entertainment area or placing them on the dinner table itself. Lanterns can protect candles from being blown out by elements and make a much better choice for outdoors than tealight holders. Make sure you purchase lanterns that are suitable for outdoor use.

Creating A Festive Space With Festoon Lighting

Festoon lights are a popular and beautiful addition to any garden. They can create an inviting and dramatic look when hung over the seating area or dining table. Plus, they can be suspended from lighting poles or from pre-existing items on the patio or deck.

Using Bulkheads For More Significant Lighting Needs

Delicate lighting solutions such as lanterns and festoons are great additions for creating an intimate or festive atmosphere.  But, it will eventually require supplementation with brighter lights, particularly in areas that are often used. For premium outdoor lighting, you can consider bulkhead wall lights that are entirely watertight and durable for year-round outdoor lights. They can be evenly distributed on the exterior walls of your home to serve as the foundation of your garden lights, and decorative lights can be layered in primary areas.

Highlighting The Best Features In The Garden

Strategically place up/downlights or spotlights. Point them to areas where you want to highlight specific characteristics. Areas include show-stopping trees, a water feature, and sculpture, perfectly curated flower beds, etc. With the right lighting, you can bring these features to life and allow you to get even more enjoyment from your outdoor space.

Be Sure To Highlight The Hazards In The Space Too

When illuminating the highlights in the garden, do not forget about any probable risks also. Maybe you have a deck with different heights or steps that may pose a fall hazard. Perhaps you have a rigorously sloping lawn. Make sure that potential hazards such as these stand out to prevent accidents from happening. If you have pools, fountains, or a pond, make sure they are noticeable too, by adding the appropriate illumination. Not only will it make them look spectacularly tranquil, but you can also prevent someone from taking an unforeseen tumble.

Utilizing Tree Branches

Another excellent use for festoon lights is draping them from the branches of trees in the garden to give the space an ethereal glow. If you have trees close to outdoor furniture, utilize branches. Hang lanterns, festoons, and outdoor pendant lights that can provide brighter illumination for al fresco dining.

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