Six Ways To Make Your Garden Stand Out

A captivating garden provides the perfect opportunity for an escape after a busy and long day. Your garden can be considered as a canvas; you are free to play with your imagination. It lets you create a piece of art by playing with colors, fragrances, design combinations, sounds, and even flavors.

You don’t necessarily have to go all out with your budget to transform your garden. With subtle changes here and there, and even following a different theme, you can easily make it stand out without burning a hole in your pocket.

This article discusses some of the ways to follow in converting your garden from a dull landscape to an exciting place.

Choose the right turf

Your turf could make or break the aesthetics of your lawn, it plays a huge role in the overall look and lays the groundwork for the entire design. It should not only be nice to look at but should be feasible for you to maintain, too. Choosing the right turf isn’t as straightforward as it seems; with plenty of options, such as premium, budget, wildflower, and hard-wearing.

This decision may seem tricky, which is why it’s important to consider multiple factors, like climate, mowing frequency, drought tolerance, and shade tolerance. Additionally, the budget is definitely something to consider since it’s important to know how much to lay turf will cost you. This will largely be dependent on the materials, tradesmen, and waste removal.

Add seating

You need to give yourself the chance to relax and appreciate the beauty of the garden. This reason is precisely why you should add seating to your garden. It also increases the visual appeal of your space where there are many aesthetic seating options, such as rattan or wrought iron chairs and tables, for you to explore.

Moreover, you can also go with wooden or stone benches and make this area more attractive by surrounding the seating space with flowers. You should ideally plan this seating area under a tree for natural shade.

Opt for native plants

Exotic plants are not necessary to make your garden look beautiful – you can achieve the same look with native plants, or plants that occur naturally in a specific region. There are certain advantages to preferring native plants over their foreign or exotic alternatives.

Firstly, native plants are generally more affordable than imported ones. Additionally, they require low maintenance since they are used to the local environment, soil, and temperatures. In the case of exotic plants, you might have to create artificial environments, and their nurture can be relatively complicated.

Moreover, since you can use them more freely, this gives you the liberty to plant them in a way that exotic plants cannot be used. Lastly, native plants are a healthier option for you, the garden, and the environment. These plants attract butterflies, insects, and birds, which help to improve the ambiance of the area and are beneficial for the environment, too. Furthermore, since you don’t have to use a lot of chemicals for growth, they’re better for your health.

Use pots for the plants

Pots are an excellent way to add color to different parts of your garden, and you can even match and contrast colors of the flowers and plants with those of the pots. Another advantage of using these is that they are low-maintenance and will save you money.

Pots are also mobile, allowing you to rearrange your plant’s pattern anytime you want. So, if it is the first time you are designing the garden, pots are your best friends as they will give you the freedom to experiment with different designs and patterns in your garden

Give importance to lighting

Sunlight will only cover the garden during half of the day; for the rest, you need landscape lighting to bring the best of your garden. In some ways, you can bring the most out of it through landscape lighting compared to natural sunlight, as sunlight provides equal light to all parts of the garden. Still, through dedicated landscaping lighting, you can focus on the specific areas and the focal point of the garden, creating different hues and ambiances and helping the important plants thrive.

You can use layered lighting in the garden, and after the identification and segregation of different areas, you can choose between bright light spots and soft light spots. Lastly, you can elevate your garden’s lighting by using spotlight and pathway lighting to better navigate the garden to showcase the home in an illuminated way.

Select a focal point

A focal point is a specific area or location in the garden where you want the viewer’s eyes to be. There should only be one or two focal points in the garden, as more will over complicate things, and the viewer will not be able to focus.

There is no limitation on what a focal point can be. It can be plants, a sculpture, furniture, or even art. Some examples of these focal points are:

  • Focus plant: You can use an eye-catching plant such as a citrus tree or a bonsai, and the location should first catch your eye when you enter the garden. The plant can be highlighted by using a different colored pot than the rest of the plants, or positioning it higher than the others, or using lighting to make it stand out.
  • Art: There are many things you can do with art to make it the focal point, from using pots in an innovative way to using mounted frames and collections.
  • Furniture: Outdoor seating is an essential part of the garden, and you can use that as a focal point. For instance, you can use a different and eye-catching color for the table to draw attention towards it or place fresh and fragrant flowers on the outdoor furniture.
  • Play with colors and textures of plants: You can dedicate a section of your garden to plants with exciting and enchanting colors and textures that are sure to draw attention.


Gardens are an essential part of the house and can change the look of the place. They can either elevate your home in the eyes of the viewer or downgrade it. There are virtually endless things that you can do in a garden, which can easily be viewed as a creative person’s heaven.

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