Skywalker OG Strain (2020 Full Review)

We recently covered the Skywalker strain, so it made sense to clear up any confusion by reviewing the similarly named Skywalker OG strain. The OG version is the offspring of the original Skywalker, and it provides users with a familiar feeling of relaxation. Some users claim they feel as if they are in a trance after using this strain! Let’s see what it is and what it can do for you. 

What is the Skywalker OG Strain?

Skywalker OG weed is a cross of Skywalker and OG Kush. At least, that’s the official story. Some believe that it is a cross of OG Kush and one of several other strains. It is a strongly indica-dominant (up to 85%) hybrid, and its Kush traits will ensure you feel as if you’re walking on air for several hours. Learn about the best kush.


It is an exceedingly pungent strain that smells akin to soil after heavy rainfall. The herbal scent can best be described as ‘dank,’ and you should also get hints of spiciness. However, you are also treated to a delightful fruity aroma but be warned, the smell of Skywalker OG weed will linger in the room long after it has been smoked. 


In many ways, Skywalker OG tastes as it smells. You get that powerful earthy taste with hints of pine, and it remains strong on the palate. Upon the exhale, you may get a mix of sweetness and spiciness, along with a tinge of citrus fruit.


In general, Skywalker OG plants grow to a height of approximately 30+ inches. The mature plant produces olive-green buds of medium size, and they are covered with twisted orange hairs. It is a resinous strain, and the nugs are coated in white trichomes. 

Skywalker OG Strain Grow Info

If you purchase Skywalker OG seeds and have space and means, it is worth trying to grow it outside. In this case, it needs a warm and sunny climate with daytime temperatures of between 70- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure your crop is not exposed to excessive moisture or humidity. If you live in a wet region, make sure your plants are protected from inclement weather conditions.

Although it isn’t the tallest plant, it requires a lot of space to expand because it tends to stretch out. It is a good idea to top Skywalker OG to promote bushier growth. Growers would also be well served by keeping wide spacing between your plants’ containers to ensure every side of your crop receives ample sunlight. If you can trellis your Skywalker OG plants, you will be rewarded with big buds. 

While Skywalker OG will grow in a hydroponics setup, it prefers organic soil. Use a compost tea to help keep powdery mildew at bay. When growing outdoors, check the humidity levels regularly. If it gets too high, your plants could develop mold or root rot. Outdoor Grown Skywalker OG is ready for harvest by October and offers a yield of up to 28 ounces per plant.

If you grow this strain indoors, use a low-stress training (LST) technique to increase auxin production. The flowering time is 9-10 weeks, and you receive around 16 ounces of bud per square meter planted. Whether you grow Skywalker OG indoors or outdoors, please note that it is a big eater. Don’t be afraid to pile on the nutrients, but keep an eye out for signs of nutrient burn.

THC Content – Highest Test

Skywalker OG’s THC content varies significantly. On average, you should be able to get a cut with 20-25%, but there are reports of versions hitting 30% THC!

CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD content is not nearly enough to counteract the psychoactive high produced by this potent bud. Typically, there is between 0.06% and 0.2% CBD.

What Can I Expect When I Use Skywalker OG Weed?

Skywalker OG is an outstanding indica and produces most of the effects that you would expect. It is a very heavy high, and it doesn’t take more than a couple of hits to feel utterly stoned; unless of course, you’re Snoop Dogg. It has been described as an out-of-body high that makes you feel as if you’re floating.

Typically, Skywalker OG helps you feel happy and relaxed, with bouts of euphoria not uncommon. The euphoria can kick in immediately, which sends you into outer space in a hurry. It doesn’t take long for the impact of this strain to reach the body, and it can cause a severe case of couch-lock.  

Medical Benefits of Skywalker OG Marijuana

Skywalker OG has become extremely popular in the medical marijuana community. It is relaxing and is often used to treat conditions such as stress and depression because of the warm fuzzy feeling it can have on both the body and mind. As it is so potent, Skywalker OG is used to treat symptoms of chronic pain, PMS, migraines, and muscle spasms.

Cancer patients who have problems with their appetite due to chemotherapy may find Skywalker OG useful. Some users report that it gives them a wicked case of the munchies! Finally, Skywalker’s sedative effects may make it the right option for those who have insomnia.

Possible Side Effects of Skywalker OG Weed

As is the case with any ultra-potent marijuana strain, Skywalker OG is not without potential side effects. The most common include mild bouts of paranoia or anxious thoughts. If you are a novice and unused to strong weed, this strain could also cause mild dizziness. More common side effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes. 

Final Thoughts on Skywalker OG Cannabis

Skywalker OG is an extremely strong marijuana strain that has become a hit in the medical community. It is used to treat symptoms of conditions such as chronic pain and insomnia and is known for its marvelous smell and taste. You will need to have a little bit of growing experience to cultivate this strain properly, but it is known to offer generous yields if you show a little patience. 

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