Sleeping 101: How the Wrong Mattress Can Cause You Back Pain

Good sleep is essential for health and overall better functioning. To increase your well-being, alertness, and creativity for the day, you need to have had a good sleep during the night. Sleep is also important because it affects your health, concentration, immune function, and mental health. Getting at least eight hours of sleep every night will ensure that you’ll be able to do more during the day and remain healthy for years.

Sleeping 101 How the Wrong Mattress Can Cause You Back Pain

However, there are certain elements that can keep you from getting the necessary quality of sleep. One of the foremost reasons is an ill-fitting mattress.

Sleeping uncomfortably in a bad mattress can truly give you a terrible day the next morning. If your mattress doesn’t give you the proper support, you will end up with sores all over your body and severe back pain. Instead of being well-rested, you’ll end up being irritable the next day and become less sociable. Lack of sleep can also take a toll on your productivity and mental health.

The ability of the mattress to affect the quality of your sleep and overall health are two of the biggest reasons why you should be careful in choosing your mattress. Sure, there are many mattresses available in the market today, but hastily choosing one without checking the material can lead to regret and a lot of health problems. But what makes a good king sized mattress? The answer to this is not the same for each person. Different mattresses work for different kinds of people, and there is really no easy answer to this question.

For example, if you’re overweight and was still able to buy the best mattress for heavy people, you can guarantee that you can easily sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. However, this kind of mattress might not be as appealing and beneficial to individuals who are lighter or sleep with their partners. It’s common for people to look for different things in a mattress, which is why you should exert a lot of effort when choosing yours.

The bottom line is if you choose a mattress that does not fit your needs, you will have a lot of uncomfortable nights ahead. Moreover, buying the wrong mattress will only put money down the drain. This is especially important if you chose to buy an expensive mattress without testing its firmness or suitability to your sleeping position.

Sleeping 101 How the Wrong Mattress Can Cause You Back Pain

The following are just some reasons how the wrong mattress can cause you back pain:

Causes you to sleep in awkward positions

One of the signs that your mattress is giving your back pain is if you wake up in the middle of the night feeling sore. One reason for this is if your mattress is forcing you to sleep in awkward positions. Depending on the type of mattress you have, it may not be giving you proper support at all.

A mattress should just be firm enough to support your spine. If this isn’t the case, you may end up with sores all over your body from the awkward aerobics you’ll be performing in your sleep. Courtesy of an uneven mattress.

Aside from properly supporting your spine, your mattress should also be apt to your preferred sleeping position. People who sleep on their backs and sides will usually require different types of mattresses. Sleeping in a mattress that supports your sleeping position will ensure that you’ll get the best sleep every night and wake up pain-free!

Uneven Firmness/Softness

Your body may give you uneven support, and there may be instances where you feel pressure in certain parts of the mattress and softness in other parts. If the mattress has irregular support and firmness, it will likely result in back pain, as well as soreness in the other parts of the body. Your spine should have solid support that keeps it in a neutral position throughout the night.

Continuing to use this kind of mattress can eventually result in joint problems, adversely affecting your mobility.

The right type of mattress should support your body weight and body proportions. If the mattress materials are not right for you, look to switch as it will only lead to more back pain.

Your mattress is too soft and causes your spine to misalign

There are instances where a mattress cannot give proper support at all. When you lie on it, you get swallowed up, and it doesn’t offer you back support at all. Ideally, a mattress should have springs or cylinder foams that help support the back and resist weight.

Sometimes when you are using memory foams, they tend to not support the spine adequately. The reason for this is the foam follows the contour of the body and sinks with the weight of the user. The bed overall is too soft and does not provide proper support for the spine and the back. Softer mattresses cause your spine to misalign, and it is important to choose a mattress that resists the weight of the sleeper and has an inner structure to keep the spine supported.

You are using an obsolete mattress

If you are using a very old spring mattress, some of the springs may have already been degraded and cannot give your back proper support anymore. This kind of mattress will give you aches and pains during the night or first thing in the morning when you wake up. If you find your aches and pains go away after a bit of stretching, the culprit is really your mattress and not from any dysfunction in your body.

Sometimes when a mattress is already several years old, the materials will get degraded and will not give the necessary support anymore. Experts say that it is ideal to replace a mattress after eight to ten years. If your mattress is old, this may contribute to the reason that it doesn’t support your weight anymore, causing it to sink when you lie on it.

Final Thoughts

Great sleep is essential not just for a healthy body but also for a healthy mind. If you are sleeping on the wrong mattress, you will always wake up miserable and in pain. There may even be instances when you will be unable to sleep at all. Sleep is essential and is crucial to health. If you suspect that you are sleeping in a wrong mattress, you should replace it quickly and do your research on how to find the best mattress for your body type.

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