Solar Solutions: A Home That’s Ready For The Future

Solar Solutions: A Home That's Ready For The Future

How much do you value your own independence? Normally we would all contemplate this question as in the terms of ourselves. Autonomy is the mother of freedom, we all want to be left alone to do as we please. But even though we can stand up for the ability to make our decisions, why don’t we think of this concept in the way that we live? Our homes are the facilitators for how we want to live. We all choose what kind of living room, dining area, the garden and so on that we want. Shouldn’t how we maintain these things that make our home be autonomous too? The future is coming at us all at an alarming rate. It’s no longer something that scientists can safely say won’t happen in our lifetime. Technology has caught up to our practical needs, and it’s time for you to start using it. A home that is powered by the one true source of energy that won’t be running out any time soon is the only viable choice for this task.

Solar thermal water

Of all the tasks that cost them much when it comes to water, is the act of heating it. Every morning when you shower with hot water, you’re not thinking about how much it costs to have it hot and ready when you wake up. However, the bills will add up and sooner or later you’ll wonder if there is a better solution. Well, there is because solar powered water heaters have been around for quite a while. The only reason why they haven’t been mainstream is because they weren’t that efficient before and the installation was expensive. These things are something of the past. Solar evacuated tube collectors are used to heat up water by solar rays.

How does it work? The absorber plate inside the tube inside an evacuated glass tube, the heat pipe has an alcohol and water mixture which steams because of the hot absorber plate. This heat is then carried up from the pipe into the manifold in which all the tubes are placed and connected to. The manifold has glycol and water mix that runs through it. This absorbs the heat from the manifold and gets transported to the heat exchanger where it gets put into an internal coil that’s inside a storage tank. The water in the tank is then heated constantly. This means that you have hot water at all times of the year as long as the sun is shining down.

Powering the home

We’ve all heard about them, but until now perhaps they weren’t that popular for most homes. Ask any of the reputable solar installation companies, and they will tell you that because of State of CT rebates and Federal tax credit up to 30%, the installation of solar PV systems can cost 50% less than previously anticipated. Gone are those days where you would have to wait several months just to break even with your solar panel purchase from the money you saved on your bills. You can power anything in your home with the stored up photon energy. The installation process is smooth, and all in all, could only take a few days to complete.

If you have a big family, heating up the water every morning so everyone can get a shower is going to dig deep into your pockets. When you have a solar water heater, no matter what season it is you will always have free hot water whenever you like. A solar panel roof not only looks futuristic but it allows you to become more independent from traditional energy sources.

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