Some Smart Tricks to Make Your Windows Look Bigger Than Real

Some Smart Tricks to Make Your Windows Look Bigger Than Real

Whether you have a mansion or a plush studio apartment, windows certainly play an important role in home decor. The grander the windows, the better the home decor. This mantra has influenced many home decor tricks and themes in the present. And why not when it leaves such a beautiful impact on your home decor?

Windows play a crucial role in giving your decor a structure. Plus, it lets you have better scope to play around with your home decor ideas at their best. Now when windows make your home look beautiful, then why not extend this beauty element?

Thinking about how? Well, there are a number of ideas to do so. Here are some of them explained for you

#1 – Extend the rods

When windows are small in size or not enough to let you decorate them properly, then simply extend the rods, and you are done. It is a strategic approach letting you fudge with the window edges. In this regard, a home decor designer, Amy Berry, says, “I like my rods to overhang 15 inches off the edge of the window where possible,”

#2 – Believe in layers

If you wish to have taller windows than actual ones, you must believe in the power of layers. This trick is somewhat similar to the above one. All you need is to hang a layer of curtain piece on the top-front to give your windows an exceptional and royal look. Here, you can consider playing around with the preferred colors. It is seen as one of the best custom window treatments, almost revamping your windows’ entire look and feel.

#3 – Use sturdy curtain fabric

Giving your home windows a royal touch isn’t possible until you pick the right curtain fabric type. First of all, avoid picking any skimpy material which only makes your window look shabby. Moreover, this won’t protect your windows from direct sunlight or any other window damage.

#4 – Hide the walls

As per Francesco Bilotto, “Extending your draperies from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall surrounding your window makes them appear bigger.” In reality, it is a trick that doesn’t let you know where windows end and walls begin. This illusion makes your windows look grand and beautiful in all manners.

#5 – A border is a must

Call it a window border or frame; decking your home windows with a structure will improve its overall appearance while making the window area look grand. This is an ideal way of highlighting your average-looking windows effortlessly. All you need is to keep a hawk’s eye on the color combination, as minor negligence here can end up in a drastic change in your home decor for sure.

The Last Word

Windows make a significant difference in your home’s decor for sure. From adding a unique grace to giving you ample space to try your creative home decor ideas, windows are essential in any room or home. All you need is to be playful and see how its beauty can be enhanced effectively.

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