Something To Smile About: Affordable Dental Care In Turkey

People often put off going to the dentist for years on end. This is generally due to the high cost associated with even the most basic dental procedure. However, affordable dentists do exist, you just have to go abroad to find them.

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More and more people are traveling to Turkey for dental surgery. This is because Turkey’s dental clinics offer the all to rarely seen combination of quality treatment and affordable prices. Read on to find out how Turkey’s dentists can help you get that Hollywood smile.

Dental Clinics In Turkey

In Turkey, dentists do not necessarily restrict their operations to designated offices. Instead, they often work in conjunction with plastic surgery clinics and similar operations. Medical tourists prefer this as it allows them to book a number of procedures under the same roof. A great example of this setup can be seen in Istanbul’s Vera Clinic. The Vera Clinic is arguably best known for its hair restoration services. However, it also offers a number of reconstructive, aesthetic, and dental procedures.

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Procedures Available

Dental crowns and veneers are available from all top-rated dental clinics in Turkey. Although crowns and veneers are less expensive in Turkey than they are in most other countries, top-rated clinics such as The Vera Clinic and Alanya Dental Center use only the highest-quality materials. The former even offers teeth whitening gel, which removes stains and stems discoloration with far more success than its many store-bought alternatives.


The cost of a dental procedure in Turkey will vary depending on the clinic you choose and the procedure you are in need of. However, virtually all procedures available in the country are far less expensive than they are in other countries. In America, for example, a dental crown will set you back upwards of $1000. In Turkey, however, it will cost you about $250. Similarly, a porcelain veneer from a US dental clinic can cost you in excess of $700. It is available from most Turkish clinics for less than $200. You can find a more comprehensive breakdown of Turkey’s dental prices at this link.

Things To Remember

If you are traveling to Turkey to get the Hollywood smile you’ve been dreaming of, there are a number of things you must do before making a booking.

While there are many high-quality dentists in Turkey, there are also some less than impressive ones. Remember to read as many reviews as you can find for any clinic you consider booking with. If a clinic has a large number of negative reviews – or no reviews at all – you should avoid it.

Once you settle on a clinic, you can focus on your accommodation and travel. Some clinics actually offer their patients a bed during their stay. Consult your chosen dentist to see if they can provide you with accommodation as part of your surgery before dropping cash on a hotel

For some treatments, you may be placed under sedation. For this reason, you should be sure to bring a friend with you to Turkey. The last thing you want is to have to navigate a country you’re not familiar with while still dazed from surgery!

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