Stamped Washer Necklace Tutorial

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It’s amazing that an everyday piece of hardware becomes a pretty stamped washer necklace. This is a good jewelry craft for a beginner jewelry/metalsmith crafter. With just a few tools you can create a variety of personalized necklaces to give as gifts or to sell. This tutorial not only includes full instructions, but I’ve also added some other tutorial links from other websites to give you more ideas and guidance.

Take simple hardware and a few tools to make great look jewelry. Learn how to create your own unique necklaces in this stamped washer necklace tutorial!

Stamped Washer Necklace Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Here’s a nice beginner kit by ImpressArt


Put your washer on the bench block. Carefully put your stamp onto the metal and hold in place with tape. It likes to slip so get a firm grip & plan to have “practice ones”. Tap firmly on the top of the stamp with a hammer. Sometimes 4 hard hits are better than 10 light ones. Make sure your letters are placed on the washer correctly. Some will need to be “backwards” for them to be the right way once done.

Once the lettering is done, take your Sharpie or enamel and color over the wording, getting down into the grooves. Let the ink dry then lightly brush with a piece of fine steel wool. For a glossy finish, you can add a couple coats of Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze. When dry, attach your ribbon to create the necklace and add embellishments if desired.

Thanks to Ellen -member of Prim Mart Community for writing the original tutorial. Get more project instruction and ideas at these links:

Metal Stamping Step-by-Step

DIY Washer Bracelet @ Chris & Julia – Julia put together a nice tutorial on how to make a simple washer bracelet.

Photo by Chris & Julia

DIY Stamped Washer Necklace @ The 36th Avenue – These washer necklaces are super pretty with two washer layered together with an embellishment.

Photo by The 36th Avenue

I’ll Love You Forever Stamped Washer Necklace @ Happy Hour Projects – Adrianne of Happy Hour Projects create this heart warming necklace by layering 3 washers together on a chain, each one shares part of the saying.

Photo by Happy Hour Projects - Create More, Spend Less

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