Starting a Career on Insta? Here’s What You Need to Know

Starting a Career on Insta? Here's What You Need to Know

Lots of people are making a good living on Instagram. Some influencers have even been able to multiply their incomes using Instagram after quitting their day jobs. If you’re thinking of starting a career on Instagram, it is important to prepare accordingly. 

Let’s look at some things you need to know when starting a career on Instagram.

Get Proper Lighting

Instagram is all about taking great pictures. With low-quality photos, you will not be able to hold the attention of potential customers. To make sure your pictures are great, you should first focus on the lighting. The quality of the light will determine the tone, mood, and atmosphere of the images. 

When learning how to get better lighting for pictures, you will need to use a backdrop and figure out the best times of the day to take photos.

Consider Buying Organic Followers

While buying followers is generally frowned upon, doing this can help create interest in your Instagram page. People will be more likely to follow your page if you already have a sizeable following. While most services sell bots and inactive followers, you can still get organic followers. The point is to get followers who will interact with your posts as this will give you better exposure.

Figure Out Your Sources of Income

On Instagram, you can make money by selling products, selling services, or promoting other businesses. By figuring out how you intend to make money, you will be able to know how to target your customers on the platform. For example, if you intend to sell hiking shoes, you will be better off creating content that appeals to hikers. 

You will also need to interact with communities of hikers. As you grow your following, you can diversify your sources of income and start marketing other businesses.

Build Instagram Communities

Building an Instagram community is a great way of building brand loyalty and boosting engagement to your posts. With an Instagram community, you will also be able to stay connected to your customers. An important thing to remember when creating such communities is to always attach a human face to your brand. This will remove anonymity from the brand and will humanize the business. 

You should also consider using engagement features of Instagram Stories like polls and question stickers. To build customer loyalty, it is also essential to stick to your brand values. For example, if you are big on environmentalism, you should always advocate for social causes that are in this line.


Starting a career on Instagram is a great idea. Since this social media platform is centered on pictures, you should ensure that you have a great camera and proper lighting equipment. You should also consider buying organic followers as these will create more interest in your page. 

It is also essential to figure out how you will be making money from the page. This could be through direct sales of products and services, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and regular adverts. Finally, you should consider building Instagram communities. 

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