Starting a Successful Podcast: A Guide to Prices

Starting a Successful Podcast A Guide to Prices

There is usually one concern for many people who have learned about podcasting and those who want to venture into this business. No matter how experienced and skilled one can be, there is usually a doubt or a concern with prices.

Sometimes it’s confidence, sometimes equipment, but more often, it’s all about money. How much is starting a podcast going to cost? Many who have started and thrived well in this business wondered the same thing in the past. Here is a guide to prices for starting a successful podcast.

What you need to start a podcast

To determine the amount you need for your podcast, you need to know the components of podcasting. Avoid guesswork at all costs; it’s better to research the equipment thoroughly than buy fake tools that will lead to low-quality output. The people you need for the podcast should also be covered in the starting price.

Some significant components you need for a podcast include software, covert art, equipment and music, and FX. You need software applications for media hosting and other editing application packages. On average, you can get paid podcast hosting sites for about $5/month to $50/month. The price of the hosting services varies depending on the company you will be dealing with.

Below is a deep explanation of the components needed to start a podcast and their price range.

Podcast hosting service

As stated above, a podcast hosting service is a significant component of starting a podcast. The service stores your audio files and distributes the episodes you have created to the directories via the RSA feed. There are most straightforward ways you can distribute new podcast episodes to major platforms by hosting well-established hosts.

Some hosting services will provide you with a free trial for about 90 days and see whether you can use their software for your activities. With paid podcast hosting services, you will get advanced stats, unlimited team members, import podcasts for free, and access to magic mastering TM.

Computer or laptop

Before starting a podcast, you will need a good laptop or a computer to help with recording and editing the multiple tracts. For starters, you can use your laptop for podcasting if the processing speed is more than 2.5 GHz. Upgrade your laptop to about 16GB RAM for $50.99 to $77.99.

Still, you can add the solid-state device to your laptop to improve the performance. They cost as low as $10 to about $300. Make sure you buy an SD that can support the recording services. If you don’t have a laptop, the cost of the laptop you will buy depends on your preferences.

Soundproof recording space

The most cost-effective way to soundproof your space is to pick a small room with plenty of furniture and a thick carpet to absorb the sound effects. Ensure that the surfaces are covered with soundproof materials and add as many things as possible to the surfaces.

Furniture blankets go for about $18.00, and you can fix them on the walls to ensure that it’s soundproof. The cost of the podcast room varies depending on your tastes and preferences. Depending on the panels you need for adequate quality production, it can cost you several dollars.

Podcast microphone

The recording equipment you will need for your podcast will depend on your budget. A microphone is one of the essential elements that determine the quality of audio. There are several affordable USB microphones that you can use for recording.

A high-quality mic can go for about $59.99. A great mic should be able to pick up more frequencies and be audible. You can use an interface to connect them to your computer or laptop.

Audio interface and mixer

You need an audio interface to input each feed into the recording software if you record multiple times. The mixer is very useful when you want to input several mics and knobs to control the audio. If you prefer portability, you can use field recorders. You can get an audio interface for around $169.99, an affordable mixer at $599.99, and a portable recorder for $399.99.


The use of headphones for the recording reduces ambient noise or issues related to the sound quality at the front end. It’s good to get closed-back headphones wired from a well-established company. You can get a decent pair of headphones with a budget of around $50 to $150.

Video camera

If you are uploading your podcast episodes on YouTube, you need a quality video camera. Depending on the quality, you can also record your video with your phone or look for an external camera for around $229. Ensure that all other components for the camera are working in place. This may include an SC card, camera tripod, and ring light.

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