Startup Smart – The 4 Key Things Every New Business Must Have

These days everyone is an entrepreneur. While there’s nothing wrong with this, and initiative should be celebrated, it does mean that competition is fierce for those trying to break into the world of business. Many small businesses fail within their first few years of operation and one of the main reasons for this is lack of preparation and organization. Here are six key things every new business must have to startup smart:

Solid Computing Support

These days almost anything can be done on the internet. It’s a given that technology is going to play a significant role throughout your business, especially in the beginning. That’s why, to startup smart, the first thing you should do is find quality small business IT support. Many people overlook this area until they need it, as it’s not front and center to the daily running of their business, but this can a minor blip into a major problem.

A Set Organizational Structure

Now that you’ve got your IT systems set up nicely, it’s time to design and implement a framework for processes and storage. Create your storage flow in a way that will be logical and keep a dedicated folder for all your processes and procedures that must be followed. This way everyone will know where things are and how to complete all necessary tasks even if you’re not around. Doing this now also makes it easier to train new employees in the future. And of course, don’t forget to implement a clear organizational structure.

A Pretty Face

Once everything is properly organized behind the scenes you need to decide how you’re going to present yourself to customers. First impressions count, so if clients will be visiting, then it’s wise to have a professional space from the get-go. If you can’t afford a premium office location, startup smart by considering getting a virtual office.

Virtual offices are the perfect in-between for startups that don’t yet have the cash flow or personnel for a full office space. These types of offices tend to be cheaper than larger, private spaces and generally come with some added perks that will help you establish yourself, like a busy atmosphere, fully stocked kitchen, as well as access to a receptionist and office supplies.

A Solid Marketing Plan

Now, you’ve got everything nicely set up internally. It’s time to start thinking about external communications. Even the best product or service in the world won’t sell if no one knows it exists. A carefully planned launch followed by quality, unique collateral to back it up can do wonders for your sales figures. And, if you don’t have experience with events or marketing, it’s probably time to call in an expert at this point. It’ll cost a bit more to have someone on staff dealing with it rather than yourself, but the returns will also be higher.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to starting a business than just these four things, but they are vital to getting your business up and running successfully. Ensuring that you have a solid foundation to build on will make growing your business far easier than just flapping about hoping for the best. Therefore, mplementing these strategies and getting everything else you need organized before launching your business to the world greatly decreases your chances of failure so it’s well worth the effort even though it won’t immediately turn you a profit. Good luck!

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