Storage in Your New Bathroom: What to Avoid

Storage in Your New Bathroom What to Avoid

One of the highlights of moving into a new home is decorating it to make it one that suits you and your family. From choosing the furniture to where to hang your art, there are a lot of decisions to come, and each person living there can help to put their own creative touch on it. To help highlight the decor, use storage areas like closets and under-the-sink shelving to remove some items from sight.

In the bathroom, it can be especially difficult to keep things organized and tidy. A big reason why is that it’s a room that everyone uses and has a range of hygiene products in it. Things can quickly pile up if you don’t use storage solutions wisely once you move into the home you found through Kenya Property Centre, or a similar company depending on where you live.

Why bathroom storage is so important

You likely spend more time than you realize in the bathroom, not to mention that is where you begin your day, getting ready for the workday ahead. A crowded, irritating bathroom can set the mood for a crowded, irritating day. Also, improperly storing things in the bathroom is unsanitary.

For all these reasons, it is vital to have proper bathroom storage in your new home. Below are some common storage mistakes people make in their bathrooms to help you understand what not to do.

1. No clothing allowed

Many people like to hang their outfit for the next day in the bathroom, or even just dump their worn clothes in there before a hot and relaxing shower. Are you wondering what’s the harm in doing so?

While you might realize it, the clothes absorb the moisture inside the bathroom quickly. So, if you hang up your suit for the next day in the bathroom, then take a shower and wash your face, the suit may have a lingering dampness to it.

Tip: this goes for bathrobes as well. So if possible keep them handy, but outside of the bathroom.

2. And no towels either!

Wait, what? How can banning towels from your bathroom make sense? Isn’t that counter-productive? You’d think so, but when you take a closer look, it’s very logical.

Once again, the dampness factors in, not to mention the immense potential that towels have for gathering bacteria. By keeping them inside a moist environment like the bathroom, you’re practically creating the ideal breeding ground for all sorts of icky bacteria on your towels.

Tip: And make sure you hang up your used towels properly. If left in a pile on the floor, the moisture from your body leads to… bacteria.

3. Ditch the perfume

It’s not uncommon to keep your perfume or aftershave on a shelf inside the bathroom, since that’s where you’re most likely to apply it. However, it is not a smart idea, since the constant temperature changes inside the room speed up the expiration of your fancy perfume.

That means you risk getting a musty perfume smell a lot quicker than normal. Keep your perfume fresher longer by storing it in the bedroom of your home.

4. Store jewelry away in a drawer or out of the room

This one is rather obvious. Most people know that moisture affects jewelry, making it tarnish and rust. This is true both for any and every type of jewelry.

So, while it makes sense to keep your jewelry in the bathroom because it’s easily accessible, it’s also more likely to deteriorate.

Final words on your bathroom storage

With all these tricks, not only are you getting a healthier bathroom, but you are also making it more spacious, and thus less straining on the eyes. It’s a win-win situation!


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