Storage Units: Getting The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

There are times when getting a storage unit may seem unavoidable. A few of those reasons may be when you are making a cross-country move, adding children or other family members to the household, or decluttering your house to sell it.

Even though a storage unit can seem like a bit of an investment, there are ways to shave off some of the cost if you are willing to take the time to do so. Using the following ideas can save you money in the short and long term of a storage unit rental.

Seek Out Discounts

You want to ask about storage unit discounts at every facility that you consider. Some offer a few free months while others offer a percentage off of the rate for a unit. Another option to consider is secure self-storage which offers flexible month-to-month leases so you don’t have to commit for a certain time period. This is especially helpful if you know your need for storage will be short-term.

Research and Compare

Once you know where you want to rent your storage unit, be sure to compare the storage facilities in that area. Compare factors like security, climate control, access as well as units, and pricing.

When you make your final choice, read over the contract well before signing.

Take Advantage Of Free Truck Rental

A great perk available at some storage facilities is the use of a truck for moving all of your belongings into your storage unit. This is something to ask about when doing your research. One large storage firm in the southwest U.S. actually offers a free truck rental during business hours. Ask about other perks like the use of hand trucks and sale prices on moving supplies.

Declutter Before Renting

Plan to host a yard sale or give items away to charity before packing for storage. One big way to save money is not storing any items that you will end up getting rid of anyway. This can be done while you are researching storage facilities in your chosen area.

Consider Large Items

If you have items to store that are big like beds, sofas, or cars, you may want to see if you have other options for these belongings. Asking family or friends to keep these for you on a short-term basis can save you money by not having to rent as large of a unit. Another option would be donating the items to local schools, charities, libraries, or theatres.

Choose Right Sized Unit

It is important not to choose a storage unit that is too big for what you need to store. You will save money when choosing the smallest unit required. Keeping in mind that places may have different sizes than this, a guide can help you in planning:

  •  5×5: storage for a few boxes and supplies
  •  5×10: storage for furniture from one room
  • 10×10: storage for furniture from a two-bedroom apartment
  • 10×15: storage for furniture from a three-bedroom apartment
  • 10×20: storage for furniture from a small home
  • 10×30: storage for furniture from a medium home

Share Storage Space

Depending on the purpose of your storage unit, a big money saver would be to share with family or friends when renting. You can rent a larger unit and share the rent possibly paying much less than you would have alone for a smaller unit.

Whether moving, expanding, or just in need of space, renting a self-storage unit can be very helpful to you and your family. Taking the time to research your options as well as taking advantage of the recommended tips can help you get the biggest bang for your buck when renting a storage unit.

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