Summer Gardens: Expectation vs. Reality

Summer Gardens: Expectation vs. Reality

As soon as the sunshine of summer arrives, we all go through a predictable routine. We abandon everything we have to do and head into the backyard to enjoy the weather. A sunhat on our head, a good book in our lap, and the smell of meat sizzling on the barbecue— is there anything better than summer backyard garden bliss?

Well… that’s how it should be, anyway. Your backyard should be at its most usable and delightful during the summer months; your gardening efforts creating a lush, natural space that you can use right through to fall. At least, that’s what should be happening, but as most of us discover, the expectation and the reality of spending time in our backyard during the summer months are often rather divorced from one another…

Expectation:An incredible barbecue that tastes better than anything you have ever eaten before.

Reality: Food poisoning.

How to fix the reality: Yes, it’s not a nice thing to consider, but the simple fact remains that barbecuing food is a rather inexact way to cook it. As a result, food poisoning is a constant risk. To avoid this, it’s vital to learn how to cook on a barbecue properly, and insist on a rule that if a piece of meat doesn’t look quite right to you, you don’t eat it. If it feels wasteful to dispose of meat that you’re not sure has been properly cooked, you could always try composting it.

Expectation: You’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the garden.

Reality: Bugs, mosquitoes, and wasps— oh my!

How to fix the reality: Yes, sadly, you’re not the only creature who loves to spend time in your backyard during the summer months. You’ll find yourself having to cope with a variety of different pests, some of which pose genuine threats to your health. If you really want to be able to enjoy your garden this summer, consider a few tricks for deterring wasps, and bring in professionals to treat mosquitoes that might otherwise derail your summer plans. If wasps have already made a home of your outdoor, it’s safer to get a professional for wasp nest removal to avoid being stung.

Expectation: A delightful time spent basking in the sunshine and letting the warmth seep into your bones.

Reality: Sunburn, and headaches from the exposure to bright UV light.

How to fix the reality: As much as you might enjoy being outside in the summer, there’s no denying that doing so can take something of a toll on our bodies. The most obvious concern is the risk posed by the sun. While we all know about the dangers of skin cancer, most of us still aren’t wearing enough sunscreen to adequately protect ourselves, so make sure you layer up if you’re going to be outside for long periods! Additionally, if you want to avoid the unpleasant headaches that can be caused by over-exposure to the brightness of the summer sun, UV-rated sunglasses are by far the best choice.

In conclusion

By making the above adjustments to your summer backyard expectations, you can be sure that the reality will be as pleasant as it can possibly be. Enjoy the summertime!

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