Summer Utility Advice For The Eternal Energy Sappers

Summer is the time when energy bills drop. The temps outside are warmer, which means there is less need for central heating. Plus, most people aren’t in the house as much. Whether it’s enjoying a meal in the sunshine or relaxing in the garden, it doesn’t matter because the appliances will get a break.

So, why is your utility bill still high?

The answer probably has something to do with your attitude. You act as if it’s still wintertime when it’s the summer. Changing your habits is the key to cutting costs, which is why the following should come in handy in the future.

Unplug Devices

The iPhone charger doesn’t leave the socket. It’s easier and more accessible than unplugging it and then plugging it back in. Anyway, you use it that much it would be silly to mess around. The same goes for almost every other appliance in the house. You don’t realize it yet, but you won’t charge your phone as much in the summer because you’re less dependent. Socializing with friends and going for walks mean there is no reason to be on the grid. Therefore, remove the devices from the sockets and use them as and when it is necessary.

Install A Thermostat

Why? The boiler will hardly be on until October. Homeowners forget that a furnace is a multipurpose appliance, not only one which deals with central heating. If it’s hot water, then the boiler is cooking up a storm. Unfortunately, the process is one of the most inefficient in the entire house. And, constantly heating it up only adds to the problem. Thermostats reviewed by the Thermostat Center can help because they maintain the heat. Rather than let the water go cold, it will keep it simmering at a low temperature. The next time you need to fire it up, it won’t use as much energy. Very neat!

Use Fans

Air conditioning units are angels sent from heaven on a sticky summer’s day. The catch is that they burn through energy like a hot knife through butter. Ceiling fans are a cool alternative (no pun intended) because they whip up a gentle breeze. Sure, they circulate warm, dirty air but it’s better than cracking a window. For those who find air conditioning essential, keep a couple of tricks in mind. Set the temp high to keep energy to a minimum, and close off vents and shut doors. There is no point in cooling rooms you aren’t using.

Turn Off The Lights

It’s the little things that do the most damage. Lighting falls into this category. Almost 80% of the energy created by a bulb is heat, the rest if light. So, flicking on a switch only adds to the temperature in the house. If every lamp in the house is burning, then the mercury will rise significantly. To avoid unnecessary heat, keep the lights off until they are necessary, or until the temperature drops.

Are you a summer energy sapper? Do you think these tips will help you cut back and save money on your utilities?

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