Sweet Ideas for Decorating an In-law Suite

Sweet Ideas for Decorating an In-law Suite

Many families want to make space in their home for older relatives. Parents and grandparents might be unable or unwilling to live on their own, and living with family is an ideal solution. They might have enough independence to mostly live alone but require a little assistance. An in-law suite is the ideal solution if your parents want to be closer but don’t want to live with you in the traditional sense. It gives them their own space and separate lives, but you can be there for each other if it’s wanted and needed. Check out these ideas for in-law suite decoration.

Remodel or Build an Addition?

The first thing you need to decide is where to put the space. You could remodel an existing space in your home or build an addition. Hatchett Contractors can do both, and can help you decide what might work for you. If you’re thinking of remodeling, consider somewhere like the basement, attic or garage, or any other space space in your home. Think about the advantages and disadvantages of converting different spaces, from how much work would be required to how accessible the space is. For example, if you convert a garage, there’s no need to go up or down any stairs to access it.

Comfortable and Practical But Stylish

Creating a space that’s practical, accessible and comfortable is important. But don’t let that stop you from making it a stylish space too. Work with your parent(s) to ensure they have a living space that they love. It doesn’t have to look like a care home or a hospital just because it’s a space for older adults to live in. You can still keep things looking fresh and think about the design and not just the functionality of the suite. Make sure that the people living in it get to have their say on what it looks like.

Make It Bright and Airy

As we get older, many of us can experience low moods. Depression and anxiety are common in older adults. A bright and airy space can help to lift the mood and might be more helpful for living an organized life and sticking to a healthy routine. Try to let in plenty of light and don’t make the space too stuffy. It might be smaller than a full-sized home, but it can still provide everything necessary to be comfortable and happy.

Come Up with Kitchen Solutions

Many people living in an in-law suite want to be able to eat on their own. They don’t want to have to come to the main part of the house for every meal. While they might not need a full-size kitchen, a kitchenette is a good idea. If there’s not enough space, consider an adapted cabinet with essential supplies. You can likely find space for things like a microwave, a coffee maker, a sink and some other basic cooking supplies.

In-law suites can look just as good as the rest of your home, but they don’t have to match. Think of it as a studio apartment that you’re renting out to tenants.

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