Swimming Pool Landscaping Tips Homeowners Should Remember

Even if you’re living in the urban zone where you’re surrounded by concrete jungles, you can transform your home into a different world, a stark contrast from the city where you built it. Because of the spacious lot you own, you decided to build an outdoor pool which has instantly provided you with a resort-like retreat at the comfort of your home.

Still, you can take it to a whole new level and create your own version of a tropical oasis in the middle of a busy city by planning your pool landscape carefully. That includes choosing the right plants and knowing the right areas for them. Pool decking repair is another way to revitalize the deck. This is to help create a durable backyard pool deck. Read some more tips about that here. If you’re the kind of person who loves both swimming and gardening, you’ll be so sure that this is a home improvement project you’ll fully immerse yourself into.

Ready to create a stunning garden surrounding your pool area? Don’t make the same mistakes other homeowners do. Follow the tips we’ve rounded up for you.

Avoid Planting Shrubs and Trees that Shed

This is pretty self-explanatory—you wouldn’t want to spend your days endlessly sweeping around your pool area, unless you have a luxury of time to spare for it. Fallen leaves on the water aren’t attractive either. It only increases the need to skim your pool every time.

Go for Evergreen Choices

Now here comes the battle between deciduous versus evergreen plants. Either has its own set of advantages and unique charm. But with potential maintenance issues you might face, you better avoid deciduous trees and go for the evergreen choices out there.

Steer Clear from Trees that Grow Massive Roots

Large trees like oak tend to grow massive roots as years pass. So, if you plant it near your pool area, the roots might push outside the ground which could eventually destroy the deck around your pool. The significant damage will probably cost you thousands of dollars spent on major renovation. Talk to the Blue Waters Pools professionals to learn more about important steps you should do to take care of your swimming pool properly.

Take a Break from the Cactus and Succulents Fad

Plants with thorns placed near the pool area could potentially ruin the fun if it accidentally pricks someone. Even though roses are beautiful, it’s not something you should place around the swimming area where kids tend to run and hop around, forgetting some precautions you’ve already told them beforehand. And yes, they tend to forget what sort of plants you’ve placed within the area even if one of those is a thorny bush.

Yes, we totally understand that cactus and succulents are a fad right now. But try to take a break from it for a while if we’re talking about swimming pool landscaping. It shouldn’t be on the list of your must-have plants. After all, it’s a tropical oasis, right? Don’t make it look like you’re in a dessert.

Choose Low-Maintenance Kinds

Okay, we’ve done away with succulents and cactus, but they’re not the only ones that are strong, independent plants that does not need frequent tender love and care from their plant parents. There are many other low-maintenance kinds you can choose from. Just ask around, especially the certified plant experts in your area. If not, just let your landscape contractor do the duties for you.

Invest in the best Pool Grates

If you really want your pool to stand apart from the rest, you should try going for the best pool grates. People tend to ignore that pool grates help in improving the life of your pool. They are very functional as a way to help you drain water effectively. They also do not allow people to slip through the pool drainage areas, as this can cause serious injuries. If you want your pool to look the part, go for pool grates, which are visually stunning.

Avoid Bee-Magnets

Remember that time you went to a swimming pool where there were many bees flying around? They end up landing on water and making it appear dirty. Some land on someone else’s skin, mistaking it for flowers they could pollinate.

This could spoil the fun. But you can avoid it altogether by not placing bee-magnet plants near your swimming area. Research which ones tend to attract bees all the time. Here are some examples: https://www.southernliving.com/home-garden/gardens/flowers-that-attract-bees?

Research Which Plants Can Survive in Your Climate

If you’re a green thumb, one of the things that can break your heart is to see a plant dying. Even if you aren’t, you don’t want to see your investment in your plants go to waste. While this is inevitable at times, you can avoid it by choosing the plants that can survive in your climate. Look for plants that are to maintain and fit the amount of sun in their planned locations.

Which shrubs and trees surrounding your pool area are your favorite? Watch for plants that won’t leave the pool a mess. Even so, you are bound to end up with some leaves and other debris in your pool. Therefore, you need quality pool filter to help keep your pool cleaning to minimum. This best automatic pool filler review  can help you a lot in choosing the right one for your needs.

As you plan and begin adding beautiful plants and trees to your pool area, you’ll begin to see the changes it makes in feel of your space. Soon, you’ll have your own pool paradise!

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