T. L. Shield – Stairlifts And Stair Chairs You Key To Life Solutions

T. L. Shield - Stairlifts And Stair Chairs You Key To Life Solutions

Stairlifts are known by many names-stair chairs, home lifts, stairway chair lifts, etc. T.L. Shield contractors are expert installers of stair chairs and stairlifts in Orange County. Whether you want a custom curved rail stairlift, a straight rail stairlift, or an outdoor stairlift, the solution is there with a TL shield. Bruno stairlift in Los Angeles home.

Bruno manufactures four types of stairlift:

  • The Elan – straight indoor lift
  • The Elite – straight indoor lift
  • The ER III – indoor curved
  • Outdoor Elite – the outdoor stairlift

 Why purchase from T. L. Shield

A company with 25 years of experience in stairlifts and home lifts will back you up. They are California licensed elevator contractors ( C11) and are insured and bonded. They also hold a state license as a certified qualified conveyance company (CQCC). They have technicians holding a state CCCM (certified competent conveyance mechanic).

If you ask any of the competitors whether they have the required state licensing for stairlift or chairlift installation, most of them do not. Buying from a California State license company will give you recourse and confidence. They give you direct and honest personal care and guidance from their sales and layout staff on which stairlift models work well for your situation.

They have many years of training and experience in proper lift layouts for the best client use. All scenarios are fully explained so the client understands the possibilities and limitations. If any modifications to the stairway are required, they can provide the personnel to solve the issue.

If electrical needs are to be provided, they can provide the personnel to fulfill what is needed. Stairlift and quality chair installation by licensed, trained and factory authorized technicians. Service is provided whenever you need it. T. L. Shield technicians in any area are ready to respond.  Service technicians skilled in the repair and maintenance of stair chairs. They have stairlift service contracts available for added protection of the client.

Shield and Associates install only the very best products of stair chairs. They handle products from Harmar, Bruno, and TK access. They can provide stair chairs for curved, Straight, outdoor, and indoor stairways. They carry straight stairway products in the local stock for quick installation and delivery. They work closely with the manufacturer’s engineers on custom curved lifts so that they fit best. They back the manufacturer’s parts warranty with a T. L. Shield labor warranty.

L Shield meets unique stairlift needs in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, and San Jose.

L. Shield was formed in 1982 and has served the Southern California accessibility community for nearly 30 years. They are known as Southern California’s leading installer and supplier of wheelchair access. Shield and Associates serve the customers with a variety of accessibility products because they provide a complete line of disabled accessibility equipment, they can help your project meet all requirements of the Americans with Disability Act, including continued servicing. Increasing in popularity are the residential elevators, they offer a variety of home elevators to add a touch of class to your home in California.

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