Talking About All Things Double Gazing

As someone who is at the end stages of building a home, I have had my fair share of windows and glazing brochures and shop browsing.

Who knew there were so many options, styles or even mechanisms that went into what I thought was a simple window. Technology and models have certainly evolved since I was a kid, opening a single pane and hooking the peg into a hole to keep it open.

For a trip down memory lane see these old-style windows and I’m pretty sure they will be taking you back to when you were a kid. The joys we had of struggling with swollen wood or chipping frames, brilliant.

Nowadays there is none of that, health and safety are on high alert and houses seem to be in constant good nick. The kids of today will never know the calm of chipping off peeling paint from the window sills.

What to look for with double glazing.

With so many companies offering you the world and the best rates it can be tricky separating the reality from the ‘too good to be true’ deals, take your time and do sufficient research. Prices can range from a few hundred to a couple of thousands, while the most expensive is not always the best option, you will need to look around to be sure you aren’t overpaying as well.

Ask your neighbors who they used, how they found the service and whether that company is worth adding to the list of potentials. Do they have reputable service and reputation, check their websites for customer reviews and comments.

For a company, you can rely on with years of experience to back up their quality of work, be sure to visit Windows Are Us in Solihull, with happy client reports you know you will be in good hands. Book an initial consultation or appointment, make sure you feel comfortable and that they understand your needs. Then sit back and let the professionals get to work.

5 Benefits of double glazing.

While there are certainly many more advantages of double glazing, which you can see in this link, we will have a look at the more popular reasons why people opt to change their windows.


  • Insulation and noise. The main objective for doubling up is to be more energy efficient in the home, not having to crank the heating up full blast due to loss of heat through the windows. This in turn significantly reduces the noise levels from outside, so it’s a win-win all around.
  • Security. More than one layer is naturally going to be more difficult to get through, but the newer windows also have a more complex locking system designed to seal and secure the gap for even more protection against the elements.
  • Bills. As mentioned earlier, not losing so much heat now through uneven and deteriorating seals, month-end bill envelopes won’t be looking so scary anymore.
  • Value. This added security and energy efficiency level can increase the value of your home, people enjoy knowing they are buying something that comes with frills and saves them money while adding to the character of the aesthetic of the house.
  • Condensation. This may seem trivial or irrelevant when it comes to thinking about glazing, but having that barrier between the outside and the inside can be all the difference when it comes to mold growth and mildew.


Types of double glazing.

Depending on the area of the home you plan on having the new windows will determine the style you put in. If the area is already well ventilated then having fixed windows that do not open but provide light is going to be the best option.

Casement or awning windows are those that open outwards but are based on the positioning in the house. They are great for small, awkward spaces that require light but not necessarily used daily.

More in-depth options like hung windows or windowscapes are available and all work on whether it suits the design of the home, budget, and functionality. The more you look into windows the deeper the understanding goes in ensuring the first choice is the correct one.

Take your time, do your homework and get it done right, the first time.

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