Tell-tale Signs It’s Time To Remove A Tree

Trees that surround are properties can provide us many benefits, especially if we take care of them. However, it can also be hazardous and unsafe for you and your family if a particular tree is dying. A healthy tree can increase your property value, but it can also hurt your home’s value if the trees are decaying. The best solution is to have them removed by They are expert tree cutting services that provide quality tree services.

We’ve listed the ten tell-tale signs it’s time to hire tree services. These signs would help you take immediate action to prevent further accidents and potential property damages.

1. The tree has signs of infection

If you have observed that your trees have some deep cracks in its barks, discolored leaves, soft, brittle wood, and appearance of fungi build-up, these are a clear indication that the tree is infected. Some other signs include woodpeckers heavily feeding on the tree and pests emerging on the tree’s holes.

2. The tree has huge, dead branches located in the tree’s crown

Huge, dead branches can fall at any given time without any warning. It can potentially cause serious accidents to people and property damages. If you noticed that 50% of your tree is dead or dying, it is time to have them removed for safety purposes.

3. The tree is not growing normally

If you noticed that your tree has a very thin cover on its leaf, discolored leaves, and abnormal growth is a clear indication that the tree is not normally growing. This has to be checked by a professional arborist to see if the tree can be treated or has to be removed.

4. The tree has signs of root defects

Root defects cannot be easily detected because the signs do not show up right away. One of the common signs of root defects is soil heaving and fungi growth that is usually found on the base of the tree.

5. The tree’s trunk is splitting

If the tree trunk is splitting, it is an indication that the tree is internally decaying, aside from splitting, cracks, dead branches, and large wounds would also show up. Most trees can stand for many years, even with internal decay, but it may fall without any warning. So if you see these signs call tree service immediately.

3. The tree has a hollow trunk

A hollow trunk can cause serious property damage or accidents, especially if 30% percent of the three have hollow spaces. If you have noticed this sign, the tree needs to be removed immediately for your safety.

4. The tree suddenly leans

Most trees that are leaning are all dangerous because it indicates that the ground has structural problems that need to be addressed immediately.

5. The tree has some sprouts at its base

Tree sprouts or epitomic shoots that are usually seen at the base of the tree. This indicates that the tree is under severe stress and needs to be evaluated by a professional.

6. The tree is touching some power lines

When your tree branches are touching some power lines, it needs to be immediately trimmed by a professional tree service before causing any harm to your family and other people.

7. The tree stands so close to other structures

A tree that is standing close to a structure or hanging over a roof needs to be removed immediately – or trimmed regularly. Huge standing trees should be 20ft away from any structures.

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