Ten Creative Low-Cost Ways of Transforming Your Bathroom Decor

Ten Creative Low-Cost Ways of Transforming Your Bathroom Decor

We all love a soak in the bath, and it is – for many of us – a sanctuary from the outside world. Whether you treat yourself regularly with a bubble bath on Friday nights or use it for creating a romantic and relaxing atmosphere in your home where you relax and recharge your batteries, you can simply transform the look and feel of your bathroom decor to enjoy every minute spent there even more. From adding music to ambient lighting and comfort features and craft decorations, there are several ways you can make your bath time even better.

Transforming your Bathroom Decor

Candles and More Candles

To create the right atmosphere for relaxation and chilling, you can add some colorful candles that you light every time you have a bath. Choose aromatic and lightly scented candles that will get you in the mood for a romantic night in, and get some rose petal-shaped tea lights on the side of your bath. If you have chosen one of the freestanding bathtubs from Kardiel you will need to have enough space on the shelves or the window sill to safely store your candles away from flammable items.

Ambient Lighting

Adding just one color-changing light bulb in your bathroom can make a huge difference. Just imagine getting your favorite bath salt, putting on your music, and soaking in the perfect temperature bubbly water. Get ambient lighting installed on a different switch. So then you don’t have to use it when you need more light for putting on makeup and other tasks.

Bluetooth Speakers

Make your baths and spa treatments at home even more pleasant. Get a Bluetooth speaker for your bathroom. Go for a water-resistant version, or opt for a Bluetooth speaker that can be hung on your shower. This will allow you to stream music from your home, but get rid of distractions. Simply put your phone on a “do not disturb” mode, and stream your favorite music while relaxing


Plants are great in every room, and they can enhance the air quality and appearance of your bathroom, as well. Small cactuses and other plants in the window can make you feel like you are closer to nature, and can have a calming effect. The best small plants for bathrooms are aloe vera, bamboo, Boston fern, and cast iron plant. Any plant that loves high humidity will love a sunny spot in your bathroom. And, the greenery will help calm your nerves after a stressful day at work.


Nothing feels better than to have plush bath towels. Towels are often on sale making it possible to get better quality. And that’s important. They are thicker, softer, and last longer. Be sure to get the different sizes you need for your new bathroom decor.  You may want some extra hand towels since those need changed more often.

Towel Warming Heaters

To improve your comfort level in the bathroom, you might want to get some towel warming heaters installed close to the bath. This will make getting out of the hot water more pleasant, and you will always be welcomed by hot towels. Some of the designs work as a part of your HVAC system, while others will use electricity. No matter which one you choose, you can avoid damp towels for the rest of your life if you get towel-warming heaters and radiators.


From DIY options to upcycle projects, you can make your bathroom look stylish and unique by adding some shelves. Visit your local home store for a decor steal and design your patterns according to the style of your bathroom and your taste. If you have a rustic bathroom, a wooden shelf with old letters and a distressed natural look is a perfect choice. Those living in a modern home can get reed containers and metallic trays to store on the shelves in their bathroom for their beauty products.


You can get battery-operated aromatherapy devices that will use essential oils such as lavender and chamomile to calm you down while you are enjoying your bath. From mist vapor diffusers to simple reed diffusers, there are several options depending on your needs and your budget. Alternatively, you can get your aromatherapy burner and choose your oils and scents according to your mood every time.

Fresh Colors

To make a statement, you can also add bold colors to one or more walls. You can even paint the ceiling blue, so you feel like you are in the middle of the sea when looking up. Be brave when you choose your colors, but if you have a small bathroom, you should avoid darker shades that make spaces appear smaller. Make sure you use paint that is washable or wipeable, if you are painting the walls, or use acrylic wall panels as splashbacks for easy maintenance.


Bathroom decor is made complete with accessories. You see in stores all the different themed bath accessories. You could choose a certain themed set, or you can do more original. Be creative when choosing your soap dish and storage containers. Everything doesn’t have to match with the same motif. But it works well to stay with the same color theme. Look for handmade pottery or antique pieces. Or decorate inexpensive plain accessories you found at the dollar store.

We spend an average of 5-10 hours in the bathroom every week. If you would like to make every minute count and feel like you are going to a luxury spa every time, you can use your DIY skills to transform this important room in your home. Whether you are going for the modern or rustic look, you can make small changes that will make a lot of difference in your wellbeing and – potentially – love life.

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