The 3 Best Ways To Minimize Your Allergies This Season

The 3 Best Ways To Minimize Your Allergies This Season

Having seasonal allergies can seriously impact your quality of life. Every year, just as the nice weather approaches and you want to get out and be active, they arrive and put a damper on a lot of your plans. There are prescriptions that you can take, but the worst sufferers will tell you that they don’t solve the problem. Often, they just make the symptoms not as severe.

The real key is to take steps to minimize the cause of your allergies so you can get on with your life. There are many air filters that are designed especially for common allergens as well as other measures that can be taken. In this article, we will go over several of the things that you can do to minimize how bad your allergies get.

1. Get the right filters

One of the primary ways to beat allergies is to clean the air in your immediate environment. You should make sure to have the right air purifier for office or home that is designed for your particular allergy. There are many different kinds and they all have their specific ability to remove certain particles according to size.

Find out what you’re allergic to and then match the allergen to the type of filter. Usually, a HEPA filter is the right kind as it can filter out particles down to microns in size.

Place these purifiers in the rooms that you use the most and spend the most time in. your office should have one by your desk even if you have a cubicle or open space office. It will at least clean the air adjacent to your work area.

2. Clean your ducts

People with central heating and air conditioning are unwittingly making their allergies worse. There are ducts that vent the hot and cold air around the house in a central system. Over time, these ducts will collect many particles that you are allergic to and lots of dust from the house.

Then, when you turn the system on, these dust and allergen particles travel all around the house and are suspended in the air. You may think that you are allergic to something in the house when the reality is it is whatever you’re allergic to that is free to accumulate in the house and then continue to spread.

Make sure to regularly clean your HVAC ducts so that they are not blowing around the stuff that you are most allergic to.

3. Wash your linens

The linens on your bed are perfect receptacles for dust mites and other allergens. Then, you get into bed and put your nose in close contact with them. It is no wonder that allergies are set off at night when you go to bed.

Make sure to wash the sheets and pillow cases frequently so you are not allowing them to accumulate the dust and other particles that you’re allergic to. Also, be sure to dry them in a dryer that has had the filter and ducts cleaned.

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