The 7 Step Guide to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready For Summer

There are several things to consider when getting a pool installed. It’s best to find an experienced installer, like these pool builders in Austin. Discuss with them your ideas and the area of yard you have in mind to use for your pool area. They can help you go through the steps needed to get your dream pool for many enjoyable summers to come.

And as summer fast approaches an influx of people is expected to be a common occurrence in most swimming pool areas around. Whether it is a private pool or a public/commercial one, it is time to get cleaning. Pool owners aim at the satisfaction of their users. It is possible for practically anyone to clean a pool. If you own a big pool especially, you should consider a robotic pool cleaner for pool debris. However, some things may require expert attention. Cleaning should not only be about the structure itself but also about the water. Remember, clarity of the water does not guarantee cleanliness in any way. For a clean and summer ready pool here are a few cleaning guides:

Pool cleaning

The main focus in this part is the cleanliness of the pool as a structure. Its surroundings are part of this. These guides include;

Do not empty the pool

The first rule in pool cleaning is to keep water in the pool at all times. No matter the type of pool in question, emptying the pool can have drastic effects. Liner pools will dry and shrink if the water is drained from them while Gunite pools will crack due to lack of water. A bigger risk is on fiberglass pools which are known to pop out of the ground partially due to lack of water weight.

Clear the pool area

Cut branches hanging over the pool to avoid leaves falling into the pool. Remove leaves and debris around your pool. It is very likely to find dirt from around the pool being dragged into the water. An added advantage of a clean pool area is its attractiveness to your customers and yourself.

Check the pool equipment

As tools of work, swimming pool equipment is very important to your business. Check what can be repaired and what needs replacing and budget for them. You might also be required to check the pool itself for repairs within it.

Water cleaning

The cleanliness of water is not always reflected by its clarity. Germs and invincible dirt particles may prove you wrong. Whether you use a human cleaning or tiger shark pool cleaner, it is important to ensure you observe thoroughness, or else you might expose yourself to unforeseen health hazards that could cost you a fortune or even your life in worst cases.

Check water levels

A good pool should always be full of water. This helps avoid layering of dirt patches along with the tiles as well as safety for the users. Pour flocculant into the water to help sink the dirt making it easier to clean. It is safer to sink the dirt than empty the pool.

Water PH levels

A vital point in water cleaning is checking PH values and ensuring they are safe. Here, it is best to have a professional do the job. PH levels between 7.2 – 7.4 turns chlorine to hypochlorous acid while levels between 80– 120 will cause alkalinity.

Check chlorine levels

Ensure you have the right amounts of chlorine for your pool. Such chemicals can be dangerous if in excess. Do not shy away from asking for professional help as it could save you from lawsuits.

Clean the waterline

To have clean water for your pool, it is important to clean and unclog the waterways. Remove dirt by spraying clean water through them. For the water filter, remove it and clean by spraying water on it using a water hose.


While most people shy away from the pool cleaning period, it is among the best times for pool owners. With guaranteed returns in the summer, they delight in the little expenditure incurred. As is the case in any business, it is best to buy all the required supplies before the prices hike. As you enjoy the clean pool you now have remember that every sacrifice has a reward.

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