The Basics of Real Estate – Earn Profit Through Rental Properties

Becoming wealthy through rental properties is a dream many people have. Notwithstanding the truth that acquiring rental resources can be beneficial, several people are threatened by the process. Conceivably you feel as if it’s not possible to make enough except you have a number of properties, or perhaps you feel as if it will be too difficult to be a proprietor.


You can absolutely get ignited small & still make an excellent income! Multi-unit properties happen to be the route to follow, whether you have one of them or ten of them. With these multi-units, you can easily cover the mortgage and earn a profit if you follow a strategy and prepare yourself enough in advance by learning the ins and outs of becoming a landlord and owning rental property.

  • Don’t just run out and purchase the first property you come across
  • Don’t enter into real estate investing blindly, because all you can see are the dollar signs
  • Take the profits you earn with your first rental property and invest in another rental
  • It’s all about planning the right way
  • Take care of your land lording responsibilities by listening to those with experience


Making money through rental property seriously isn’t only a one-time offer. It might recur on a monthly basis and this also means a stable flow of income for the investor. As a newbie in real estate investing, you would be asking yourself, how much can you make renting houses?

Remember, your main goal as an investor is to profit from your efforts. While you’re very aware that it’s possible to make money as a real estate investor with rental properties, you may not be altogether sure of the process. You can expect to put down 20% to 25% for a rental property because it is a business, you must have the right information and a solid business plan.

  • You have to pay your mortgage and other expenses each month, and any income above that can be a profit for you.
  • Leverage the excellent tax benefits that come along with owning rental properties.
  • The property you buy is likely to appreciate over time.

There is a craze for short-term house flipping and the time might come when you decide to sell your property for a wonderful profit. You have to put it through your mind that you can absolutely earn a profit through real estate rentals. You are educating yourself, you will take the right steps, and you will be successful if you are dedicated to treating this as a real business that can satisfy your goal of becoming wealthy with real estate. It’s not just a matter of purchasing a rental property, getting tenants to occupy it, and collecting a bunch of money, is going to take some work.

The benefits are definitely worth it, though, because it will not take a long time to realize a profit. This will give you such a powerful sense of achievement! In case by any chance that the tenant eventually ends up to be troublesome, don’t evict him or her by impulse. Every tenant is guarded by law and you ought to adhere to them if you’d like to remain longer in the industry. By the end of the day, the professionals or other rental owners will be pleased to respond to your questions and guide you straight to make money with rental property.


To enrich your mind with more knowledge about making profits with rental properties, below are 5 awesome tips for you:

1. Tenant Referral Fees

Install signs in front of your properties as you will always need to be marketing yourself and your properties. In the event that you get a qualified tenant, but all of your units are full, then you can farm that tenant out to another landlord in your area who may need a tenant. Landlords will typically pay $50 to $150 plus for a screened tenant that they can move into their units.

2. Purchase And Install A New Washer And Dryer In Your Rental Home Or Apartment

You can buy the combination for under $600 (Ok to buy scratch and dent or slightly used) and then charge $30 extra per month for the two. You will recoup your initial purchase in 20 months and all money (profit) after that will be gravy. Good appliances often last for 15 plus years so your long-term positive cash flow can be very good. Imagine if you do this across multiple properties.

3. Bird Dog Deals For Other Real Estate Investors

While you’re working on your property management and have knowledge of upcoming deals, you can farm those out to other investors for a finder’s fee. Bird-dogging a deal can bring you in a quick $250 to $1000 for finding a deal for an investor.

4. Provide Other Services

Provide services for other landlords like bug spraying, landscaping, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning. These are all activities that will get you closer to other landlords and find out more about the market and have inside information on upcoming deals. While out mowing the grass at a local apartment building, I got into a conversation with the landlord of the apartment building about the property. Turns out, he wanted to sell and pitched me a deal to unload all of his apartments. I would not have been approached by this owner in this manner unless I had a working relationship with him.

5. Collect Late Fee

When tenants don’t pay on time you’re allowed to obtain a late fee. Late fees for a $750 a month apartment can typically run $10 a day up to a capped rate. As long as this fee is not excessive (differs from state to state) it can be legally collected and enforced by a court of law. Many landlords don’t follow through with discipline on getting late fees and often leave money on the table every month. Late fees can help you build up additional escrow funds for a number of expenses.

Many people are out there building their own wealth and dictated to getting their own income. It’s time for you to take that leap and believe in yourself – this can happen to you! There is absolutely no reason why you can’t profitably own and operate rental properties and determine your own financial potential. You can start off small and build your way up over time. If you follow the right strategies, the uncertainty is low a & the chances for making profits is high. There is no time like the present to get started becoming wealthy with real estate rentals!

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