The Benefits of Sewer Jetting a House

The Benefits of Sewer Jetting a House

A clogged sewer drain is a problem that most homeowners dread because it is inconvenient and costly. This clogging results from foreign objects such as hair, grease, tree roots, mineral buildups, and other debris lodging themselves within the sewer drain pipes. There are many methods of clearing this blockage, but hydro jetting may be the most effective method of clearing stubborn clogs.

Hydro jetting involves a plumber looking into your sewer system using cameras connected to a computer to determine the extent of blockage and its exact location. After which, they use a hose and nozzle to inject streams of high-pressured water into your blocked drain. The following are the benefits of using hydro jetting in your house.


Hydro jetting is cost-effective as it clears clogs, preventing repeated blockage, which is expensive in the long run. You will also save money on extensive plumbing methods involving digging and breaking pipes open which are costly, messy, and time-consuming. Specialists in sewer jetting can inspect your sewer drainage pipes early through cameras, effectively identify a problem, and come up with mitigation measures before the problem escalates. Therefore, it is crucial to consider selecting specialists with the latest sewer drain cleaning and inspection equipment and experience to handle all sewer blockage issues. Mostly, hydro jetting requires minimal labor and equipment, making the overall process inexpensive compared to other alternative methods.

Environmentally Friendly

Water jetting does not use toxic substances and chemicals because high-water pressure is the only basic requirement. Hence, this method prevents environmental pollution. Therefore, if your house is near a water source, hydro jetting is your best option because it will not affect your local ecosystem.


Alternative plumbing methods such as snaking do not remove residue, which may end up causing further clogging in the future. However, the injection of streams of high-pressure water into your drains and pipes cleans out all residues and other obstructions deeply lodged in your pipes. Additionally, hydro jetting is versatile as it thoroughly cleans various drains such as kitchen, bathroom sinks, and the main sewer drains. All this is done without damaging your pipes or causing any inconveniences around your household. Therefore, water jetting is your go-to method for the continuous smooth flow of your plumbing system.

Eliminates Bacteria and Odors

As a homeowner, foul smells in your living space can be very frustrating. Mainly, these foul smells result from bacteria buildups in your drains that may cause health problems. Hydro jetting thoroughly cleaning your pipes, blasting the bacteria away. Therefore, using streams of high-pressurized water to clear clogs is a healthy choice.


Most sewer unblocking requires digging to reach the sewer pipes, which is messy and time-consuming. However, with water jetting, plumbers can access your sewer system without digging or opening up walls. This method is the best option in old homes, which tend to be less accessible, fragile, and sometimes unstable. Hydro jetting is easy on your plumbing. Despite the high pressure of water used, this method does not damage your pipes or the drainage system. Therefore, hydro jetting is a modern technique of removing clogs, and most people are saying goodbye to the traditional techniques, and so should you.

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