The Best Door Locks to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

The Best Door Locks to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

A home is a place where a person feels completely relaxed and carefree. A sanctuary where all the troubles of the world could be left behind. 

But the fear of intrusion can ruin all of that.

For a long time, traditional door and handle locks have kept people safe, but in modern times they aren’t enough. Thankfully security has advanced a lot as new technology is changing the way we interact in daily life. 

Here’s an example. Not so long ago, we had to lock our cars manually, but now a door lock actuator does it for us electronically. 

And when it comes to home security here is a list of the best door locks on the market, from touchscreen locks to deadbolts.

Defender Security U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock

This simple-to-install device can withstand 800 pounds of force like a sponge. 

This protects the door it is installed on and doesn’t allow it to be opened from the outside even if an intruder is kicking with all his might. It can be used on any door that opens up by swinging inside and lockpicking doesn’t work on it. 

But what about your kids opening it or messing with the lock? That shouldn’t be a problem as it is also safe to use in a household with kids as it allows itself to be installed at heights where it becomes unreachable for kids. 

Since it is extremely affordable it becomes a must-buy for any house owner.

Kwikset 99170-003 SmartCode 917 Keypad:

This lock allows entry through its keypad as well as the keyhole so it is extremely convenient for its users. It can be used for any type of door be it on the left side or the right with easy-to-install instructions

It can be programmed in multiple ways like locking automatically every time the door is closed called “Auto-Lock” which can be used in rooms with confidential information, opening without any key, or code called “Passage”.

It is best when guests are around and opening only with key or code called “Disable Passage” which can be used by property managers. It allows single-use codes to be generated and used as well. 

Since this lock works electrically a 9V battery is required to keep it running. It is a bit expensive but the wide range of useful functionalities make this a worthwhile investment to keep yourself safe.

LaView Door Lock with Keypad:

The door lock can be opened up with a simple and not-so-long four to ten-digit code on the keypad or simply by the traditional way of using a key. 

It can have 20 separate codes that grant entry through the door as well as temporary codes for a specific duration for times when you have to leave the house under someone else’s care. Its simple guide to installation saves time and it runs on four AA batteries which also indicates a low battery. 

An amazing feature of this lock is that it is also waterproof so it can be installed outside as well. Its rigid deadbolt lock core protects your family from unwanted outsiders and in case of any problem the customer service for this product can cater to it.

Wyze Lock WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock:

So at this point, we have seen a few different types of locks but how about one with no interaction with the lock itself? Well, that is exactly what Wyze smart door lock does as it can easily be operated in a manner that requires zero interaction. 

You walk up to your door and it opens itself. You must be wondering how in the world does such a lock work? The magic happens with the Wyze app as the lock connects to your WiFi. No more looking for your lost keys or trying to remember codes. 

Door access can easily be shared as well to friends and family. With such an automated device it’s even better that it can be connected to Alexa too. The security for this lock can be further amped up with an additional security camera if needed.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that modern security devices are up to the mark when it comes to countering advanced methods used by crooks to invade people’s homes. 

It is always best to have a good lock as it is the first defense against external threats so being careful about your pick is a no-brainer. To make your life easier, we have already assembled a list of the best ones on the market. 

Now that you’ve read so far, what are you waiting for? Get your home secured up so that you may sleep in bliss while anyone who tries to break in would probably face a terrible time and leave you alone in your humble abode.

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