The Best Home Improvements Before Selling Your Home

The Best Home Improvements Before Selling Your Home

When you are getting ready to sell your home, you need to make sure that you are doing the right home improvements to get the most money out of the home. No one wants to spend a lot of time updating their home, but a few simple changes can make a difference and will bring the customers in the door. But which home improvement projects are worth your time and which ones are a waste of time and money?

 The good news is that you do not have to spend months and thousands of dollars to get your home ready to sell. There are a lot of great DIY home improvement projects that you are able to use to yield big returns when it is time to sell the home. Some of the best home improvements that you can do include:


Painting is one of the lowest cost improvements that you can do and provides a high rate of return. This is one of the reasons that 36% of home sellers will choose to do it. You can choose to have a professional come in and do it for a little extra money or you can do some of the work yourself. This simple step will help to give new life to your home and make it look amazing to prospective buyers. 

 When you decide to hire a professional painter, you should expect that it will cost between $2000 to $4000 to paint the whole of a 2500-square foot home. You may not need to get the entire home done, maybe just a few rooms, which will affect the cost as well. When there are vaulted ceilings or a lot of detail work, this could cost you more. 

 If you would like to save some money on painting to keep your costs as low as possible, you can consider doing the painting on your own. Purchase a 5-gallon bucket of a neutral paint color and then get to work. This can make the walls look clean and neat and will help you to really show off the home. 

Landscape the Yard

The outside of your house will provide the first impression to the buyer when they pull up. An overgrown or patchy yard could turn into a major turn-off for the buyer. Anything that is dead can be removed and anything that is a little overgrown can be cut back. You should also make sure that the lawn is refreshed and green by planting grass seed or do some re-sodding as well. Do some edging to help define the spaces and add straw or fresh mulch to any beds around the home to make it look great. 

You can choose to hire a professional landscaping company to help get the work done, but this can get expensive. Depending on the amount of work that you decide to go with, it can cost between $500 to $3000. You can also roll up your own sleeves and get to work to remove anything that is dead yourself and make the yard look a little bit nicer as well. 


Replacing carpet or taking the time to repair the flooring is a big improvement that a lot of homeowners decide to go with. If you have many rooms and they seem to all have a different type of flooring, you may need to invest in new flooring to create a seamless feel throughout the whole home. 

 There are different types of flooring that you can choose from. Wood flooring, or even faux-wood floors, are preferable to carpeting, even though they may cost a bit more. New carpeting can also be a major selling point if you can’t afford the wood. A neutral color is one of the best to go with. You can look at some of the different styles to see which one will look the best in your home, but this is definitely a project where you should hire professionals to get it all done. 

 Do a Bathroom Update

You do not need to re-do the whole bathroom. This can cost a lot of money and is not a good return on investment. But a mid-range bathroom update will be a great option to breathe new life into the bathroom and make it look amazing. A bathroom that is really old will date the home and can make the buyers run the other way. 

A few lucrative bathroom updates could include a new countertop, new tiling, a frameless glass door, new cabinets, and new fixtures for the sinks and tub. When you replace the cabinets, remember that minimalism is going to be your friend here. Go with a neutral color and no raised panels or designs. 

To do a mid-range bathroom remodel, you will spend between $3000 to $12,000 to get it done depending on the bathroom type that you have. If this is too much for your budget, consider a good cleaning of the home. Dated tile is always going to look better with clean grout lines, so consider cleaning or at least freshening the grout, something that you are able to do yourself. Instead of replacing the cabinets, you can consider painting them to make a clean look that is sure to last. A few minor updates can be enough to make your bathroom feel like new and can make it easier to sell the home. 

As you work on your home improvements before selling a home, you need to make sure that none of the contractors you work with are able to put a lien on your home. These will show up during a title search and will need to be paid and handled before you are able to sell the home at all. At Sunnyside Title Agency, we can help take a look at any title and ensure that ownership is well-established and ready to go, providing insurance to the owner and the lender to keep everyone safe. Trust us to help take care of your title during the closing and to make sure that the sale of your home goes as smoothly as possible. 

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