The Best ideas for Baby Birthday Gifts


The Best ideas for Baby Gifts


Nothing beats the sparkle in the eyes of a child when he is presented with a gift. Indeed, in childhood, all events are perceived brighter. Some gifts can even become talismans for life. Agree, almost everyone has a childhood toy that reminds them of being carefree and full of great times. It is for this reason that it is worthwhile to wisely approach the search for a gift for the child’s birthday so that it is useful, tasteful, and would bring the child a lot of joy!


The gift will be relevant for more than one year. Often, various animals or parts of a picture are drawn on the sides of the cubes. While this is difficult for the kid, but under the guidance of adults, after a while, the child will be able to learn how to select the cubes to get a picture.


It’s time for this toy! After all, folding the pyramid correctly is not so easy, this is a serious task for a baby, requiring the help of parents. In addition, with the help of rings, you can learn colors and counting.

Wooden labyrinth

You need to move the cubes from one corner of the maze to another. An exciting game that teaches the child logic.

Diffusers for sleep

Aromatherapy is a way to treat and prevent many diseases without the use of medicine. Children, especially at an early age, have a poorly formed immune system, therefore they are more often exposed to viruses, microbes, and infections. Children are impressionable natures who perceive the effect of aromatherapy without prejudice, simply inhaling the healing vapors of essential oils, so their reaction to essential oils is usually always positive. You can find some on Peekaboo Baby website, which has a wide range of sleep diffusers.


A toy with which you can learn how to sort objects by color and shape.

Jigsaw puzzles

One-year-old babies can put together a wooden or cardboard picture of two halves. With age, the number of details and the variety of subjects and forms increases. For example, vases and lamps made of plastic fragments or crystal puzzles (volumetric figures from transparent parts) will perfectly decorate the interior of a nursery. Or you can hang a copy of a world-famous painting assembled from hundreds of pieces on the wall.

Floor puzzle mat

Two in one: develops thinking, solves the puzzle, and helps to strengthen the muscles because you can have fun running on the rug!

Frames – inserts

Kind of a children’s puzzle helps the child to learn the names of animals and objects.

Musical toys

A drum, a xylophone, a synthesizer will appeal to any kid, the main thing is to keep the parents’ nerves!


Modern rattles come with different sounds produced – high, dull, crackling, squeaky, – select as many different as possible, suggest sounds for comparison. Also, rattles are made of different materials – hard, soft, or latex with vanilla or strawberry scent (which is not suitable for children with allergies).

Creator’s Kit

By the age of one, an interest in drawing wakes up in children. The kid can be introduced to finger paints, pencils. The older the child, the more opportunities to show their talents: kinetic sand and plasticine, paintings by numbers and diamond mosaics, kits for embroidery, and creating toys are at their service.

Stuffed Toys

This is one of the most popular baby gifts, but we sent it to the bottom of the list. It’s still more of a gift for girls. Although, for example, a talking hamster will amuse the boys too.

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