The Best Remodeling and Decorating Tips from Top Interior Designers

The Best Remodeling and Decorating Tips from Top Interior Designers

When designing a house to feel like a home, you need more than what the eye can see. It’s not easy to pull a room together and transform its features to make it stylish and homely. There are many considerations on the best paint for your rooms and the lighting options. That’s where the feng shui interior design becomes valuable. Whether you are remodeling or decorating your entire house, here are the best tips you need to focus on.

Determine your style

How do you want your space to feel? Here is the trick to help you hone your style. Take a keen look at your closet. Do you love the tailored pieces, or do you prefer loser and comfortable items? Do you love specific patterns or colors? The other way to get your style is to think of the keywords that define how you need your space to feel. Do you want a traditional, farmhouse, modern, or boho style? Do you want an inviting, playful, or relaxing vibe? Do you want a monochromatic, cool, or warm one?

You need to understand the design inspirations in all life facets. It’s the first basic step in designing your home interior. Remember the hotel or restaurant you had dined in before that struck your fancy.

Figure out what you don’t like

It’s easier for people to express what you don’t like. Put all the dislikes into the equation and drop some things while narrowing down on others. A specific color can evoke memories of past design trends that you don’t want to repeat. These reactions and memories are very individual and personal. They define your taste.

Build around your space

Space planning is essential as it impacts your scale. People use furniture that’s very big or very small for a space. Build the furniture you have space for, and you can accommodate well. You need to balance the available space. For bigger rooms, establish different zones for different activities. Have a working area, dining area, and conversation area. Think about the distribution and the visual weight to balance your space. Scale and proportion are important aspects of any design.

Sample your paint

Paint selection is an important and cheap decision you can make. Good paint choices will connect spaces. Consider your house as a whole. You are at risk of disjointing rooms when you paint one room at a time. Consider the color effects on people’s moods. Some colors will make you happy, agitated, or calm.

You need to sample the actual paint colors on your wall when looking for options. One color can work well for one project but will not work well for the other project. A color that worked for your neighbor or friend may not work for you. The paint store chips are great starting points. Some will look good on paper but have a divergent look on the ground. Vegetation, the sky, and the general surroundings will affect the light temperature.

Mix the low and high price points

Price does not always mean better. Do not shy off from mixing low and high price points. Everything needs to be important.

Start from the ground going up

Design is overwhelming. You need to know exactly where to start. For any room, you want to design, start from the ground going up. Think about the floor first since it will dictate how the layout and the room’s pattern will look. Starting with an antique rug, you can take one of the colors from the rug to complete the color palette. You will have more color options if you select a natural fiber.


You need to take your time in designing your home. A better design formulated and implemented well will last for years. 

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