The Best Ways to Use Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are a very modern choice of tile that more and more people are starting to add to their homes, but not always in the way that you might expect. In fact, there are some reasonably creative uses out there on the internet, and many of them stand out from other ways that you would commonly use tiles.

Create Wallpaper

It seems obvious, but many people forget that terrazzo tiles have a very varied set of styles behind them – they are not just flat patterns for use in a bathroom. Now that people have time to work on their homes, more and more are turning to tiles like this as a full-scale wallpaper for their space, adding a modern touch to an otherwise plain surface.

Even better, since terrazzo patterns can be quite varied and don’t repeat as clearly as others do, you can avoid the problem of having the exact same thing for every square foot of wall space: that alone could be worth the effort since it breaks up the blandness of the room perfectly.

Make Irregular Surfaces

For some people, having a single repeating pattern on one surface isn’t enough. Some homeowners have taken their terrazzo tiles and put them on multiple surfaces at once, like the kitchen floor and the walls, while using the furniture to break it up. 

It takes a lot of effort to pull off well, but the results can be far more unique than any other option out there. If you want to try this yourself, combine a wild and irregular terrazzo pattern with straight, single-colour furniture for an inverted room that really stands out.

Update Furniture

Tables, desks, counters, and even some of your bed’s headboard can benefit from some terrazzo touches. As long as a surface is flat, you can easily add tiles to the top, creating something with a unique pattern on the surface that might be completely different from any other item in the entire world. It doesn’t have to be the top, either – it might be the sides of an item or even the doors of a cupboard.

Working with some surfaces is easier than others, so it might take a bit more prep work, but this is an excellent use of whatever terrazzo tiles you happen to have just lying about. If you have a few spares and nowhere to use them, consider making some DIY changes to your old furniture!

Try Custom Patterns

If you have plenty of time on your hands (and a handful of spare Terrazzo look tiles), you can create some amazing custom works of your own by combining two separate sets. Of course, you can lay them out to create squares or rectangles of different colours, but some people have gone the extra mile and created diagonal patterns or cut them into different lengths to get certain shapes.

This can take a lot of time, and you will need the right tools (as well as plenty of the best terrazzo tiles Australia can offer), but the end result will always look amazing if you lay the tiles out correctly. Even if you don’t, there are ways of making your mistakes look good as long as the tiles are high-quality.

Refresh Your Bathroom

Dealing with a bathroom? Go terrazzo crazy on it, and it will still manage to look great. Walls? Terrazzo. Floor? Terrazzo. Ceiling? Terrazzo! You could even try placing extra tiles on things that you normally wouldn’t tile, like alcoves or the inside of a window ledge, to completely change the feel of the room: brighter tiles will bounce light all around, while darker ones will absorb it and take some of the excess glare away. Whatever you decide to do, tiling an entire room can open up a whole new set of options and really give your bathroom a brand-new feeling.

There is no need to stop at something simple, either. Some people have covered their entire bathroom in the same types of tiles, and others have chosen a huge variety of TileCloud terrazzo look tiles to create a space that never quite feels boring or bland. How you handle this is up to you, so take your time and browse the full range of tiles to get some extra inspiration.

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