The Effective And Impressive Nordstrom Culture

Nordstrom has worked very hard in building their culture as a great culture is Nordstrom’s no 1 priority. They believe it is their hardworking and talented employees who provide outstanding customer experience and it is the culture that keeps them engaged. The non-negotiable cultural values that define Nordstrom Company are Respect, Awareness, Humility, Loyalty, Trust, Innovation, Collaboration, Competition, and Team Work.

The Co-President of the Company, Pete Nordstrom said, “ Values define who we are and if we change them we become something else.” The one simple approach, to empower employees to treat the customer as they want, has played a great role in building up the company. Nordstrom has a strong set of values and culture. The organizational structure of the company is very flexible. Fundamental elements of culture are:

Money-Back Guarantee:

Nordstrom has an impressive return back policy. If they know their customer is not honest with them entirely, they will replace the item because they don’t want to spoil their reputation for some dishonest customer. They care genuinely and they show it.

Unique Promotions:

Nordstrom just doesn’t go hiring people on the big seats like manager etc. All the managers start with the sales department. You don’t get hired from other resources you have to start as a salesperson and work for your promotion.

Training And Benefits:

To serve their customers with the best, Nordstrom employees are trained by the company. They attend orientation, seminars, 4-day workshops, etc. As well as, many amazing benefits are also provided by the company to make its employees more efficient and hardworking i.e. paid vacations, health insurance, maternity plans, 401k program, etc. You will find your training schedule as well as your daily work schedule with the list of benefits in your employee login portal called MyNordstrom, You can also catch up all the latest news and other important stuff on your portal. The MyNordstrom portal is provided by the company. For more details, click here. If you are looking for an internship, Nordstrom is a place you should work with.

Sales Based Commissions:

Employees are paid according to their skills and hard work. The more sales you make the more money you make. Some employees are even making $200,000 per year. Make sure you have a good working relationship with your client and you have all the latest updates. Clients like people who are informative and can help them. Moreover, Nordstrom also takes good care of its part-time employees.

Set Goals:

In this era of competition, Nordstrom knows how to motivate their culture. Setting daily, monthly or yearly goals are Nordstrom’s culture. Salesperson, Buyers, Managers all take part in this competition. The high amount of pressure will motivate you and teach you new things. Results are closely monitored and based salesperson will get praise and attention. He will be designated as, “Employee Of The Month” or “Pacesetters” and will receive a certificate, a 33 percent discount on their credit cards, business cards and an event in their honor.


In 1952, Nordstrom came up with an amazing idea of profit-sharing retirement plan which is progressed and developed with the coming years. Long-term employees can retire with profit-sharing totals in the high six figures. Moreover, employees can contribute up to 10% of their annual pay for a secure retirement plan. No taxes involved. Nordstrom is paying much more than the working industries these days.

Nordstrom does know how to keep their employees and customers happy. Their employees are trained, well-mannered and well-educated and informed. They work very hard and I guess that is the reason for their tremendous success.

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